Why Hiring a Licensed Drainage Company for Your Septic System Repair Is a Great Idea in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Toilet overflow, gurgling sounds from drains, and foul odor are unpleasant but life-saving red flags of a septic system malfunctioning. Regular septic system inspection and repairs are vital for keeping your property and your health in check. Hiring a professional to maintain your septic system makes you a good citizen and saves you time and money. Here are some other important reasons why hiring a licensed drainage company for septic repair is a great idea:

Identifying the Real Problem

Why Hiring a Licensed Drainage Company for Your Septic System Repair Is a Great Idea in Croton-on-Hudson, NY  

Some DIYers attempt to do a septic system inspection on their own by trying to follow a basic instruction manual. But every guide has a disclaimer goes something like this: “If, by following this guide you find your septic system to be malfunctioning, contact a licensed professional that owns the necessary skills and equipment for septic system repairs.” This sentence repeats throughout the entire guide, especially for problems that go beyond the basics. These are the type of repairs that need to be handled by a professional. Most repairs are best left to the experts. 

These experts will first need to identify the underlying problem. This would be a difficult task to do yourself. The entire system is connected, making it so one issue easily leads to another, which prevents non-experts from locating the actual cause of problems because they lack the knowledge and experience to do it right. Santucci Construction Corp. is the number one septic system repair company in Croton-on-Hudson and the entire Westchester area, and can help you play it safe and make sure nothing goes unnoticed. If you are in need of a septic system inspection or repairs, don’t hesitate to hire a team with more than 35 years of experience in the field. 

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Getting It Right 

One wrong move and you can go from septic system repair to septic system replacement, or even worse, put a hazard on your and your family’s health. If only one leak gets unnoticed or is not repaired correctly, you and your family can get sick. Leaking sewage is an open risk for disease and parasite spreading, and therefore, one of the most dangerous substances to have in your backyard. Minimize the risk of illness and injury by letting a licensed professional perform inspection and repairs on your septic system. The team at Santucci Construction Corp. uses all precautionary measures, equipment, and knowledge to ensure you always get the highest quality service at an affordable price. 

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Equipped to Deal with Hazardous Material

Since we’ve established that septic system repair is a serious matter that leaves no room for mistake, it’s fair to say that it also requires the right tools. Sewage is especially dangerous for people with a weakened immune system, children, pregnant women, and elders. So a DIYer who wants to perform repairs is responsible for having the right tools and equipment, maintaining proper hygiene, wearing protective clothing, and staying safe. Considering the costs of the high-end equipment licensed companies use, it is far more cost-effective to hire someone who has years of experience than to waste time, energy, and money on the process. 

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