Why You Should Get Your Septic System Repaired When Selling Your Pleasantville, NY Home

Getting your Pleasantville, NY home ready for sale is a big job. Many homebuyers are looking for a move-in ready home and don’t want to have to spend more on repairs. It’s a good idea to make sure things like your roof, foundation and septic system are all in good condition before listing your home. Santucci Construction Corp. are the region’s experts in septic system repair and can ensure that your septic system is inspection ready.

Why Septic System Maintenance is Important

Even though you can’t see it, a septic system is a vital working component of your home. Because not all of the parts are visible, many people assume the septic system is in good shape unless a problem occurs. But if you wait until problems arise, repairs can become much more costly. With proper maintenance, a septic system can last up to 30 years without needing replacement.

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By performing regular maintenance and keeping all documentation on the repairs and services, you’ll be able to prove that your system is in good condition. This record will also help assure new buyers that septic system maintenance is not overwhelming.

New York Septic System Regulations

Your septic system provides safe disposal of sewage and helps prevent the spread of disease. A failing septic system can release wastewater into the ground, creating unpleasant odors and health risks. If the leak is big enough, contaminated water could access larger water supplies and pose community health risks.
Because septic systems help prevent the contamination of public water supplies, their installation and maintenance are strictly regulated in New York state. Everything from design and installation to inspections and certifications are enforced by the New York Department of Health.

Your Septic System Will Need to Pass Inspection

Many counties require a full inspection of a septic system when listing a home for sale. In others, you require a current evaluation report from a county Health Officer. Even if your county doesn’t require an inspection prior to sale, a responsible buyer most likely will.

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By having your own inspection done prior to listing the house, you can avoid any delays in the sale and set a quick closing date. A faulty septic system will often cause buyers to back out of a purchase or request a price reduction to cover the cost of repairs. It makes more sense to get the repairs done prior to listing the house to avoid losing a potential buyer.

Known Problem Disclosure

Why You Should Get Your Septic System Repaired When Selling Your Pleasantville, NY Home

No matter where you live, you are required to disclose any known problems if you are selling your home. This means that as the seller, you could be liable for a septic system problem that is found after closing. To protect yourself against liabilities for any future septic issues, you should hire your own inspector prior to selling.

A Good Time to Make Septic System Upgrades

Just as making upgrades to your home’s interior will increase your property values, so will upgrading your septic system. Some new homeowners may find the prospect of owning a septic system daunting. By upgrading your system to increase capacity, you can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.
Santucci Construction Corp. can install a biodiffuser system to replace an existing septic field. This upgrade can increase your septic system’s capacity by up to two and a half times and will reassure buyers that the system will meet their needs.