Servicing Armonk, NY with Septic Tank Repair and installation for over Four Decades

Septic repair and installation in Armonk, NY

Armonk’s Premier Septic Repair & Installation Company

Our licensed team has been collaborating with clients in Armonk, NY to provide tailored and customized septic repair, excavation, sewer line installation, rock removal and consultation for over four decades. As a family-run business serving a wide array of homes and properties, we guide each customer individually with customized solutions ideal for their particular septic needs.

Safe and Stable Septic Options for All

Our licensed septic contractors are fully compliant and knowledgeable in local codes and safety standards at all times. Safety compliance and coordination with design professionals, County Health Department, and municipal regulations, ensures project success.

Using Latest Septic Technology

We install biodiffuser systems that provide 2.5 times more volume capacity than traditional septic fields. Extensive knowledge of engineering and septic plans combined with cutting-edge diagnostic technology allow us to proceed with confidence. 

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Top Drainage Company in Armonk, NY

Whether the issue lies beneath your own property or stems from a nearby area, we are personally experienced in professionally managing all drainage problems that may arise.

Top quality drainage company in Armonk, New York


Our innovative technologies allow us to proceed with minimal excavation or disruption of the property's design and cohesion.

Best stormwater management company in Armonk, NY


After decades of working with local officials and communities, our name is trusted by local municipalities and County Health Departments as well as the families we serve. 

Armonk, NY stormwater management and drainage company


We understand each minute detail for both local and state standards, assuring all utilities and land clearances are obtained before commencing any project.

Expereinced excavation contractors in Armonk, NY

Excavation Contractors in Armonk, NY

Our extensive technology allows us to detect underground systems without initial disruption of the land or wasted energy. By analyzing all related engineer plans, we suggest informed decisions for all levels of excavation, drainage, and rock removal. 

Armonk, New York rock excavation company

Rock Excavation in Armonk, NY

Altering the makeup of the land beneath your property can improve drainage, appearance, and overall use. Our rock removal services utilize both our extensive excavation knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment.


Land Consulting in Armonk, NY

Whether you're on the brink of purchasing a new property and seek structural advice, or you wish to expand existing land, Dom Santucci and his experienced partners can directly and creatively walk you through the development process.


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How We Ensure Safety During Septic System Repair in Armonk, NY

Our comprehensive understanding of septic plans, and our arsenal of cutting edge technology, allow us to approach any project with confidence. However, it is our high regard for safety that truly ensures our success. These safety precautions not only protect our crew, but also protect our Armonk, NY, clients should they approach the site.

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Top quality septic installation in Armonk, NY

Top 6 Qualities You Should Look for in a Septic Installation Company in Armonk, NY

You need a company that will carry out the septic installation correctly and will be responsive if anything ever happens to your septic system. Choosing the wrong company can result in a costly and frustrating experience as the years pass and your septic system ages. Here are some top qualities to look for in a septic installation company.

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  • They are a reliable contractor! After a costly wall system quote for my wet basement I called Santucci Construction. Dom fixed it the old fashioned way, outside at the source of my water build up issue. Saved me a bundle too!
    — Paul F.
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Septic system repair and replacement in Armonk, NY

Meet Dom Santucci, an expert on septic repair, installation, & replacement in Armonk, NY

At age seven, Dom Santucci immigrated with his family from Italy all the way to Ossining, New York. After graduating High School, Dom began his long journey in the contracting career. He is now married with two children, and has been an independent builder and excavating contractor for over twenty years!

Santucci Construction Corporation has its offices near Armonk, NY. Dom says, "While growing up, my family instilled a very strong work ethic in me. It helped me achieve the drive to succeed. I will always be thankful for that.” Contact us to learn more about our septic repair and installation processes and services.

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