Septic System Repair: Things You Should Never Flush Down the Drain

If an overpowering stench, indoor overflow, or another tell-tale sign crops up, the chances are that the septic system for your Chappaqua, NY, property is long overdue for repair. Regular maintenance can help to avoid these issues, and while it’s helpful to know where to turn when you need to fix something that’s gone wrong, your need for repairs can be kept to a minimum if you make a point to never flush any of these things down the drain:

Coffee Grounds

If you’re in a rush or simply not paying attention, coffee grounds can end up getting washed down the drain. This can cause problems. The issue is that coffee grounds clump together in water, making them among the top reasons for clogged drains. Instead, always throw out your grounds in the trash or use them as compost.

Cooking Liquids

Septic System Repair: Things You Should Never Flush Down the Drain  

You might not think about cooking oil as a risk to drains, but cooking fats are only liquid when they’re hot. They congeal as they cool, and the liquid from earlier use becomes a waxy, cloggy goo. That’s why these fats are terrible for drains, and continuously letting them down the sink will ultimately lead to the need for a septic system repair. Not just cooking fats do this—melted fat from meats like poultry and bacon have the same effect. One way around a potential drain blockage nightmare is to use glass bottles or jars for saving and reusing your cooking liquids.  

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It’s best to keep anything but toilet paper out of toilets. Sleep-deprived new parents may absentmindedly try to flush a disposable diaper, but the bulk and non-biodegradable plastic can block the drain and cause issues with a septic system. Similarly, menstrual products should stay out of the toilet. Designed to absorb liquid and expand when wet, these products can lead to serious drain blockages.

Car Products

Whether you’re doing a weekend tinker on a classic car or having your vehicular baby tuned, try to keep motor oil out of your drains. This also goes for all chemicals, transmission fluids, and antifreeze. None of these products are safe for drains or for mingling with the water supply. Public storm drains should also be a consideration when using liquids like these, as they can run off from your backyard or pavement into the drains.

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Pasta and rice are wonderfully tasty features in everyday dinners, but you don’t want them coursing down your drain. Pasta made with semolina will swell, and too much of it going down your drain will lead to a drainage problem. It’s always wise to limit how much of your uneaten or drained pasta and rice, or any other food material for that matter, goes in your sink.