Selecting a New Septic Tank for Your Chappaqua, NY, Home: Types and Benefits of Different Septic Tanks

Selecting the best new septic tank for your home in Chappaqua, NY, can potentially save you money, time, and headaches. The wrong kind could damage your soil and your home. It is important to review your options and consult a professional who can test your soil and determine which of the four types of septic systems will best fit the needs and topography of your home and property.

Aerator Septic Tank

Aerator systems use oxygen to encourage decomposition. As a result, aerator systems require less space for a drain field and are highly efficient. These systems require electricity, however, and cost two to three times more than other septic system types. Because of their initial cost and the significant amount of regular required maintenance, aerator septic systems are usually implemented only when other septic system types have failed. At the same time, they are highly efficient and can last indefinitely if they are properly maintained and inspected, so they could save you money in the long run. Be aware the aerator is a more complex type of septic system, and a number of complications can occur. 

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Fiberglass or Plastic Septic Tank

A fiberglass or plastic septic tank will not crack or rust. This is a huge advantage, as cracked concrete systems and rusted steel systems are common septic system issues. It is also the least expensive of the septic tank options. However, this type of tank does have unique disadvantages. Sometimes the plugs at the bottom of the tank can become dislodged, causing serious leakages. A telltale sign of a dislodged plug is low waste levels when the tank is being pumped. Even if regular waste levels are noted, plugs should always be inspected when the tank is being pumped; even the act of pumping can dislodge a plug. Because these tanks are lighter, they are also more susceptible to structural damage. These tanks must be installed carefully. Even after installation, care should be taken to never drive over the tank, as a lighter tank is more prone to shifting, which can cause broken pipes and leaks.

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Steel Septic Tank

Selecting a New Septic Tank for Your Chappaqua, NY, Home: Types and Benefits of Different Septic Tanks

Steel septic tanks are the least popular septic system type due to their inferior durability. They are made to last between 20 and 25 years, maximum. Even before that time is up, rust can be a huge issue that threatens to shorten an already short lifespan. Corrosion is most common at entry points, and covers are often prone to rusting. Rusted covers present a safety risk, as they can potentially collapse when being crossed over by an unsuspecting person. With that said, steel tank parts are usually easy and inexpensive to replace.

Concrete Septic Tank

Concrete septic tanks can last many decades. They are probably the most popular type of septic tank because of their longevity and their lower cost. Typically, cracks only occur when the tank is not properly maintained or when an inferior concrete mix is used. If they do happen, cracks can present a real issue. A cracked tank allows waste to seep out and groundwater to seep in. This can cause blockages that could lead to the entire system malfunctioning. Often these issues go undetected until serious problems have arisen. A standard dye test will not detect runoff, so the only way to ensure that the tank is working properly is by regular manual inspection.