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Septic Systems

Specializing in Long-Term Septic Repair and Installation

The premier septic expert in the Westchester and Putnam County region, Dom Santucci has an unparalleled background in diagnostic, repair and installation services for septic systems, dry wells, bio-diffuser systems and sewer line connections.

 Septic repair and installation in Cortlandt, NY

Extend Property Longevity

Since a septic system alteration is a crucial investment, no changes are suggested or performed until the full solution has been determined. The most efficient, quick, and informed move ahead is the only way we proceed, protecting the long-term health of your property.

 New septic tank in Cortlandt, NY

Strict Safety and Standards

Extensive knowledge of engineering and septic plans combined with cutting-edge diagnostic technology allow us to proceed with confidence. Safety compliance and coordination with design professionals, County Health Department, and municipal regulations, ensures project success. 

 Septic repair and installation in Cortlandt, NY

More Volume Capacity 

We install biodiffuser systems to replace existing septic fields. Bio-diffusers provide 2.5 times more volume capacity than traditional septic fields. Biodiffusers are a great innovation for all septic repairs, but especially for properties with limited septic area.

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40 Years of septic Installation experience 

 When it comes to the complicated process of septic analysis, experience in the field is truly key. The team and Santucci Construction offers full-service protection and well-informed choices based on four decades of work.

 Septic repair in Westchester County, NY


Our licensed septic contractors are fully compliant and knowledgeable in local codes and safety standards at all times.

 Septic installation in Westchester County, NY


No work is completed without complete confidence that the choice is most efficient and cost-effctive step forward.

 Septic systems in Westchester County, NY


When you discuss septic repair with members of the Santucci team, you receive personalized, one-to-one care and attention.

"They are a reliable contractor! After a costly wall system quote for my wet basement I called Santucci Construction. Dom fixed it the old fashioned way, outside at the source of my water build up issue. Saved me a bundle too!

— Paul F. via Google review


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