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Drainage in Westchester County, NY

Drainage Diagnostic Specialists for Over 40 Years

Proper drainage and water management throughout a property protects the integrity, safety and beauty of a home. With extensive diagnotistic experience without unnecessary excavation or expense, Santucci Construction determines the most cost-effective and quickest path ahead for a healthy, balanced home drainage systems.

Drainage services in Armonk, NY

Comprehensive Drainage Services 

Our extensive drainage and installation experience includes curtain and footing drains, french drains, drywells, catch basins and extensive storm water management and rock removal. 

Water management services in Drainage services in Armonk, NY

Water Management for Safety and Stability

Early diagnosis of drainage complications can save the homeowner extensive repairs related to mold, water damage and ice liability. Our consultants discuss all best possible options for optimal drainage.

Drainage management in Mt. Kisco, NY

Extensive Engineering Knowledge

Since we additionally specialize in understanding the engineered drainage plans, all recommendations are made with an awareness of the full property and related safety precautions.

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solving drainage complications with care in Mt. Kisco, NY area

Whether the issue lies beneath your own property or stems from a nearby area, we are personally experienced in professionally managing all drainage problems that may arise.

Drainage in Mt. Kisco, NY


Our innovative technologies allow us to proceed with minimal excavation or disruption of the property's design and cohesion.

Drainage services in Pleasantville, NY


After decades of working with local officials and communities, our name is trusted by local municipalities and County Health Departments as well as the families we serve. 

Water management in Pleasantville, NY


We understand each minute detail for both local and state standards, assuring all utilities and land clearances are obtained before commencing any project.

"Dom and the crew did an amazing job for us. We had a sump/drainage problem. Their approach was logical and they asked great questions which led to a couple of options for us to choose from. They stayed within budget, were super neat, and did not waste any time. I look forward to using them in the future. THANKS!"


- Herb H. via Google review


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