How Regular Septic System Repair and Maintenance Saves You Money in Peekskill

How Regular Septic System Repair and Maintenance Saves You Money in Peekskill NY

Every Peekskill, NY, homeowner knows that a property can be an immeasurably valuable asset, but it’s also not without its costs. Often, the best way to keep these costs down is to make sure that certain aspects of property maintenance are taken care of up front and on a regular basis. These maintenance costs are unavoidable and necessary for keeping the property at its optimal market value. As a matter of fact, when these costs are avoided, for one reason or another, the resulting damage and neglect can reverse any short term savings. Septic systems definitely fall into this category. Here’s how keeping your septic system in top condition can save you time, money, and hassle:

Prevent excessive property damage

When septic systems get backed up, or when neglect results in burst pipes and damaged connections, the result can be devastating to your home and landscape. Everything from outdoor furnishings and structures, to the foundation of your home, can be at risk from water damage. Not to mention the mess it can make of a lawn.

With regular inspection, maintenance, and pumping, you can ensure that your septic system remains in perfect working order for the duration of its expected lifetime, without costing you extra in repairs to home and property. In addition to saving money on property damage, waiting for a crisis before having your septic system seen to can result in even more expensive repairs and replacements.

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Extend the lifetime of your septic system

The key to keeping your septic system in good working order for as long as possible is regular pumping executed by a professional. This entails complete flushing out of the system to avoid overloading it. During this process, a professional will be able to ensure that each component is operating correctly and performing at its expected capacity. Once again, this will save you money in the long run by keeping repairs limited to incidentals, rather than waiting for damage to accumulate. Keeping the system operating at maximum efficiency for the duration of its lifetime will reduce the number of times your septic system needs to be replaced over the course of the years.

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Keep your septic system’s waste breakdown process running optimally

A septic system utilizes natural bacterial and microbial processes to break down waste. Adding chemicals and drain cleaners, or over-diluting the system with water, can have a hugely negative effect on the efficiency of these processes. In addition to keeping unnecessary chemical agents out of your septic system, and making sure your plumbing does not contain any hidden leaks, you can ensure that blocked pipes and drains are unclogged by a professional who is familiar with septic system processes. Failing to do so can result in a build-up of solids and costly backups. Regular pumping and bacterial treatments administered by a professional will help to keep your septic system happy and healthy. Contact Santucci Construction Corp. for a long term septic system maintenance program that will save you money and extend the longevity of your property.

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