The Best Time of Year for Septic Tank Installation in Tarrytown, NY

A home without a viable septic tank is a home that can’t be occupied. The need for a working septic system makes pretty much any time right for a re-installation when a system fails. However, when time allows for flexibility with regard to scheduling, the drier the ground, the better. Mid-summer to early fall tends to be the best time of year for an anticipated septic installation at your home in Tarrytown, NY. If possible, plan for that time of year for your septic tank service to be completed; however, don’t procrastinate work on your septic system. The results of putting off a maintenance need can be disastrous and highly costly in terms of home, health, and wealth.

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Drier Is Better

The Best Time of Year for Septic Tank Installation in Tarrytown, NY

The division of the year into seasons comes from a real difference in weather conditions that can affect the efforts to complete lawn projects like a septic tank installation. This process requires that heavy equipment enter your property, so you certainly don’t want the ground to be wet, or to have it become susceptible to rutting and other potential damage caused by the weight. The sub-earth being wet can also be undesirable because your septic system could shift if it’s installed when the ground isn’t dry. If possible, choose a time when the dry season is well under way, so the ground is firm and ready for the work.

Warm Weather Works Well

Freezing temperatures also cause problems. If the ground freezes, contractors could face problems with digging sufficiently for your tank’s installation. Another problem that could arise is the potential for shifting, cracking, or misalignment that would accompany the inevitable thaw of spring.

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Avoid Potential Bad Weather

When your planned septic tank installation allows for scheduling in advance, choose seasons when bad weather is less likely. The last thing you want is to free up a day for contractors to come only to be delayed due to storms or severe cold. The days from mid-June to the beginning of October are ideal because they’re typically more dry, warm, and calm in terms of weather events.

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Emergencies Lack the Luxury of Scheduling

As ideal as it may be to plan your septic tank installation for the preferred seasons, when emergencies occur, scheduling preferences become moot. A failed septic system equals a situation that must be rectified, and you’ll also probably have some ruined flooring and lawn destruction to remedy as well. Forestall this problem by watching out for the warning signs that point to the need for maintenance. Then you’ll be able to act swiftly, rather than put it off for another time.

Regular Inspections Prevent Emergencies

In order to make sure that your septic tank installation or replacement occurs during the preferred time of year, proactively have your system inspected. Professionals have the knowledge required to evaluate the condition of your septic system, identify problems, and, hopefully, fix them before you need to replace the entire system. However, if problems include a cracked tank or broken component, necessitating the replacement of the entire system, scheduling your inspection in the late spring or early summer months will allow for the work to be done at a time that’s ideal for the situation. Whether you’re planning to build a new construction that will require a septic tank or you need an existing one replaced, good timing and professional advice are key to a long-lived, suitable septic tank system.