Avoid Flooding in Your Armonk, NY, Property with the Help of a Stormwater Management Company

It’s one of every homeowner’s worst fears: the sight of water where it does not belong. Even worse is a situation where it is happening quickly and a way to stop it is not immediately clear. A flooding issue can cause serious damage to your home, but it can be prevented. These are the ways a stormwater management company can help you avoid flooding on your Armonk, NY, property.

Control Surface Water

Avoid Flooding in Your Armonk, NY, Property with the Help of a Stormwater Management Company

The last thing you want to worry about during the rainy season is water building up somewhere on the surface of your property. Surface water buildup can not only kill plant life, but it can also do damage to your home. One of the many stormwater management systems that can be used to remove this water is a curtain drain system. A curtain drain commonly handles an excess of water at ground level. For example, this can be very useful if you have improper leveling and the water doesn’t run to the storm drains. It is essentially a long trench with a perforated pipe that runs under a layer of gravel. Once the water reaches the gravel, it falls through the spaces, enters the perforations in the pipe, and travels to the nearest drain.

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Prevent Lingering Subsurface Water

Subsurface water is a major risk to the structural integrity of your home’s foundation but is hidden from view. A sure sign you have this issue would be if you have any signs of water buildup in your home’s basement or crawlspace. One of the main ways to alleviate this problem is the use of a foot drain. It is similar to a surface drain since it has a perforated pipe at the bottom of a layer of gravel. The key difference is that a foot drain is dug much deeper and is under a layer of dirt. It is not visible on the surface of your property. Once the drain is installed, it will block the flow of subsurface water to your home’s foundation and redirect it to a proper drainage outlet.

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Minimize Excess Gutter Runoff

Another common threat to your home’s foundation are gutters that do not drain properly. When your gutter system is at full capacity or nonexistent, you may soon notice some trouble. The water may pool at the storm drain and eventually make its way to your home’s foundation. A common and effective way to negate this issue is through the use of a catch basin. This approach provides water management by giving the water a safe place to collect and eventually drain properly. This large cavity has a pipe that runs to the local water drainage system. A catch basin also promotes a debris-free drainage system by filtering out large pieces of debris with its top grate, and it also allows sediment to settle at the bottom of the cavity so that only clean water passes through its pipe. This can dramatically increase the health of your drains and avoid potential blockages down the road.

If you suspect you may have a water problem or you want to avoid ever having one, an expert stormwater management company can evaluate what is needed and offer solutions that will give you peace of mind during every rainstorm.