Top 4 Advantages of Dry Well Service for Your Tarrytown, NY, Property

Adding a dry well to your property’s drainage system may be the thing you have been looking for to improve your property’s drainage throughout the seasons. Here are some key advantages to help you figure out if it’s right for your Tarrytown, NY landscape, or if you already have a dry well system, why you should ensure that it is serviced regularly:

Ease the Strain on Sump Pumps

Top 4 Advantages of Dry Well Service for Your Tarrytown, NY, Property

Above all, dry wells are extremely versatile at providing drainage relief for various areas. For example if you have a sump pump pulling water from an area of your property, a dry well is a good addition to this setup as it will help to dissipate the water into the soil. This can prevent the sump pump from overworking since the pump now has to do less work. With the addition of a dry well, and by keeping your dry well serviced regularly, you will increase the lifetime of your sump pump, which in turn gives you the peace of mind that excess water is being drained properly.

Relieve Gutter Systems

This type of assisted drainage system can work for your gutters too. When gutters don’t have proper drainage, they can fill up with water, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the gutter system. Not only do dry wells efficiently drain water back into the soil, they also keeps the water away from the foundation of your home. You can avoid damage to both your gutters and the foundation of your home by ensuring that your dry well is operational and running at maximum capacity by having it serviced by a Santucci Construction Corp. professional.

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Drainage for Hardscapes

The versatility of dry wells can also be applied to large paved areas because of their ability to drain large amounts of water. The stormwater runoff from driveways and patios can be significant, and if the paved area is not permeable, a drainage system is imperative. However, redirecting large volumes of water into public stormwater drains places additional and unnecessary strain on these public services. Water flowing into storm drains also picks up litter and pollutants as it flows along road drainage systems. These contaminants often end up in natural waterways and cause damage to the ecosystem. Instead, a dry well collects rainwater close to where it falls and filters it back into the groundwater supply. By having your dry well checked on a regular basis, you can help to ease this strain on the natural environment and the community.

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A Healthy Landscape

Similarly, a dry well system can keep the vegetation of your own property healthy and thriving. A dry well system collects the water and evenly distributes the water back into the area around it, directing water back into the water table at the proper rate without over saturation. This is crucial because the water table is where the plant life in your landscape draws water, particularly large shrubs and trees. Not only does a dry well allow this natural water source to stay replenished, it also protects against root disease and rot by ensuring that the soil does not become excessively damp.