When Is a Septic Tank Repair Possible?

There are several reasons why a septic tank might need repair—it has cracked, the earth slightly shifted, or it has hit old age. A septic system that operates smoothly is critical to the functioning of your Chappaqua, NY, home, as the problems a broken one can cause will make your home unlivable. How do you know when a septic tank repair is possible, or might need to be replaced?

Problems That Are in the House

When Is a Chappaqua, NY Septic Tank Repair Possible?

If your washer draining causes the sinks to back up, you likely have a septic problem. When the shower is running and the toilet overflows, you probably have a septic problem. If you smell sewage in your house and don’t know where it is coming from, you very likely have a septic problem. Only a septic system expert can weigh in for sure to what the issue is and how it can be addressed.

Problems That Are Outside

Do you see a soggy area in the yard that is not a result of rain? The problem could be that your tank needs to pumped. Regularly pumping the septic tank every three to four years can keep the tank free of clogs, sludge, and scum that restrict the flow of waste and water into the tank and drain field.

Another reason that a tank fails is when too much grease or harsh chemicals have been drained into the septic system, killing the bacteria and enzymes that break down the waste.

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When Is Repair Possible?

If there is soggy water in between the house and the tank, or between the tank and the drain field, you may just have a broken pipe that needs to be repaired. This is a relatively simple fix. It is possible that a part needs to be replaced to get the system functioning correctly again. Examples include a septic pump, septic filter, or septic aerator that has failed.

At times when a larger repair seems necessary, it turns out that the septic tank itself is okay, but the drain field has failed and must be established in another part of the yard. Or, if the tank has cracked or no longer works to filter the waste, the tank could need to be replaced.

Another potential problem is trees roots. They can grow into a septic system as they seek the moisture that seeps out, and this can cause problems in the flow. The small roots can wedge into a tiny crack and grow to create a large opening from the pressure they exert.

Above ground, your day-to-day activities could have affected the longevity of your septic tank system. If cars regularly park on the drain field or septic tank, cracks could have formed in the concrete of the tank. Additionally, if the access lid is damaged, the septic tank may not work.

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Seek a Professional

As soon as you suspect a problem, it’s time to make a call. The sooner the problem can be identified and resolved, the better. A septic tank specialist can advise you on the best solutions for your particular system and home. With a comprehensive skill set and the knowledge required for septic repair, this expert can ensure the safety of your family while correcting any problematic issues.