Overcome Common Dry Well Issues by Signing Up for a Professional Dry Well Service in Tarrytown, NY

Uncontrolled storm water can cause erosion and localized flooding each time a hard rain occurs. There a number of different ways to manage stormwater on your Tarrytown, NY, property. A dry well is a simple system that is easily maintained with a professional dry well service. Santucci Construction Corp. can provide dry well service and help make sure your dry well remains problem-free.

What Is a Dry Well?

Rainwater that collects and pools on your property can cause erosion and carry contaminants into the water system. A dry well uses gravity and the natural slope of your landscape to help distribute runoff water gradually. The dry well is buried in the ground, ideally at a low point in your landscape. Runoff water pools there and is collected by the dry well until it eventually dissipates back into the soil.

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Whether you have a large or small property, there is a potential for stormwater issues. Stormwater is the result of large amounts of water rushing to one location from downspouts or non-absorbent landscape features. Even a light rain can accumulate a significant amount of water if it has nowhere to drain.

Do You Need a Dry Well?

Overcome Common Dry Well Issues by Signing Up for a Professional Dry Well Service in Tarrytown, NY  

If your property doesn’t already have a dry well, you may be experiencing stormwater problems. If that’s the case, a dry well could be the best option to help manage runoff water. In some areas, a dry well is mandatory to help reduce the impact on municipal sewer systems.
The easiest way to determine if your landscape would benefit from a dry well is to look at how quickly water absorbs into the soil. Also known as the soil infiltration rate, this is calculated with a percolation test that involves digging holes and filling them with water, and recording the drainage speed. Santucci Construction has extensive diagnostic experience and can help determine the best drainage method for your property.

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Other factors that can indicate the need for a dry well include the number of downspouts on your home or outbuildings. Downspouts create a large amount of water runoff and often result in pooling. Large nonporous areas are also a concern when it comes to stormwater drainage. A large patio or driveway can have a lot of runoff with nowhere to go.

Common Dry Well Problems

Overall, dry wells have very few operating issues. But clogging as a result of dirt and debris getting into the system is a common problem.
Leaves are one of the most problematic issues for dry well performance, especially in the fall. Leaves that accumulate both on the ground and in gutters are washed into the dry well. They then collect on the grate or cover of the dry well and stop the flow of water into the well.
Another common dry well issue—and much bigger concern—is a buildup of silt and soil inside the well. This can hinder the effectiveness of the system and slow the dispersion of water back into the soil.

Signs Your Dry Well Needs Maintenance

The first sign of problems with your dry well system is slow water drainage during heavy rainfalls. As the problem progresses, more pooling will occur. You will also likely see standing water near the dry well or a backup of water at drainage spouts.

Why Dry Well Maintenance Is Important

Regular cleaning and maintenance done by a professional will help ensure that your dry well operates efficiently and safely for many years. Neglecting regular maintenance can result in costly repairs or even an entire system replacement.