Drainage Plans Offered by a Stormwater Management Company in Sleepy Hollow

Choosing your site levels correctly and having proper drainage protects your Sleepy Hollow, NY, landscape from becoming over-saturated or flooded. Drainage problems can be solved with the right drainage system plan that moves the water away from your backyard and protects your home’s foundation. Here are the most common drainage problems and their solutions:

Creating the Right Grade

If your home site contains clay soils, you have probably had problems with lingering surface water. Improper grading might cause the water to become trapped, forming muddy zones in lawns and planting areas. Our company’s team of experts have dealt with different drainage issues for over 40 years and have completed countless projects. Once we inspect your site and find that this particular problem is causing poor drainage, the new drainage plan will be based on surface grading and creating enough fall for water to run into surface drainage systems.

French Drain

This solution collects water as it percolates through the soil via an inconspicuous subsurface system. The advantages of the well-known French drain include protection of the home’s foundation, improved air quality which leaves mold and mildew out of the picture, and its cost-effectiveness. A French drain system is an ideal solution for heavy rain periods and properties with landscapes that slope towards the home. The most common symptom that a French drain system is needed is a flooded or damp basement.

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Dry Well System

A dry well system is an environmentally-friendly option that allows collected water to be discharged into an underground storage well where it can be re-purposed or allowed to percolate back into the soil at a gradual rate.

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Curtain Drains

Drainage Plans Offered by a Stormwater Management Company in Sleepy Hollow, NY

Curtain drains are suitable for homes that have a problem with surface water. If there are areas of your property with unwanted water pooling or water issues in your basement, a curtain drain may offer a solution. Curtain drains operate on the same mechanism as French drains, but deal with surface water rather than groundwater.

Downspout Issues

Without proper drainage, the water coming from the downspouts connected to your roof’s gutter system will have nowhere to go. This increases the risk of a flooded basement or water getting to the foundation of the house. If you are dealing with this particular problem, Santucci Construction will be able to create a unique plan that will direct the water into a storage tank or an area of your backyard where you need it most.

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Underground Drainage for Hardpan

Hardpan areas may be the cause for poor drainage and standing water on the entire site. This landscape problem can be solved with site-wide draining and a drainage plan consisting of an underground system of pipes. The piping will make it easier for the water to move off-site, going directly into the storm drain.

There are many things to consider when installing a drainage system. With more than 40 years of experience, Santucci Construction possesses the expert knowledge to determine the best drainage plan for your property. We also specialize in engineering bespoke drainage plans for construction and excavation. We inspect your site, diagnose the problem, and provide a cost-effective drainage plan for a healthy drainage system.

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