Now Is An Essential Time For A Dry Well Service in Peekskill

Dry wells are most commonly found on older Peekskill, NY, properties and are responsible for collecting the rainwater that accumulates on paved surfaces such as driveways. They are made up of a sizeable hole in the ground that is reinforced and covered by a heavy-duty metal grate. If you have a dry well, read on to discover some important information about the servicing of these underground structures. If you don’t have a dry well, but are interested in fitting your landscape with one, there is some equally useful information ahead for you, regarding how to go about it.

Dry Well Servicing

Dry wells generally require little maintenance, but periodic inspection must be done to ensure that the dry well is adequately cleaned. If your dry well hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly or recently enough, leaves and other debris can clog its lid. This debris, which often includes litter, prevents the runoff from draining into the dry well and causes the unwanted accumulation of water on the surface of your hardscape.

Now Is An Essential Time For A Dry Well Service In Peekskill NY

The past couple of months have undoubtedly caused plenty of golden leaves to cascade upon your landscape and clog your dry well. This debris needs to be removed in order for water to drain smoothly once again. Lint, soap and scum in wastewater can block the pores in the walls of the dry well, similarly preventing this water from entering the groundwater. Another reliable sign that your dry well requires cleaning is the presence of standing water within it. A well-functioning dry well should process runoff in less than 72 hours, but a buildup of sediment inside the shaft can prevent this water from filtering into the soil.

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Regular cleaning and maintenance of your dry well, especially in the fall, is essential for preventing huge unwanted consequences. For example, water that is unable to enter the water table will pool on your lawn and create a breeding ground for mould, fungus, and disease.

Repairing a clogged dry well will require professional help, as the water within the dry well must often be pumped out to pinpoint the source of the blockage. In some cases, it is the compaction of soil that reduces the rate at which water can filter into the water table. Unfortunately, this is a problem that no DIY strategy can fix. At Santucci Construction Corp., we value an in-depth understanding of engineered drainage plans and our ability to make recommendations for installation and repair that take the entire property into account and ensure the safety of all those involved. Our innovative methods and technologies also enable us to make alterations to your landscape with the minimal disruption of your property’s design.

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Dry Well Installation

Professional knowledge is required to select the perfect place on your property for a dry well. A dry well is installed at the lowest point of the landscape so that rainwater can flow downhill, where it filters into the soil. Precision is also of utmost importance, as a small imperfection in the installation of pipes, valves or fittings can divert water in an unintended direction. This is why we recommend approaching Santucci Construction Corp., with over 40 years of experience in drainage diagnostics. We diagnose drainage complications in the early stages of construction to avoid costly repairs further down the line.

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