Get an Extensive Diagnosis from a Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Drainage Company

Dealing with drainage problems in your Croton-on-Hudson, NY, yard can quickly become a disaster. If every time there is a storm, you notice that sections of the yard have standing water or, worse, your basement floods, you need to take immediate action. Read on for some remedies from a drainage company to see if one could work for your problem.

Curtain Drain

Get an Extensive Diagnosis from a Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Drainage Company

A curtain drain is like a gutter for the foundation of your home. In the same way that gutters are designed to drain the runoff water away from your house, a curtain drain does the same thing for the base of your home. Starting with a gravel-filled trench, a drainage company installs a pipe with small holes to catch the groundwater and funnel it away from the foundation. Lining the trench with landscape fabric keeps the silt and other fine debris from clogging the drain. The curtain drain then carries the water to a place in the landscape where the water can disperse.

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Footing Drain

A footing drain is placed near the foundation of the house near the footing. The drain is covered with gravel and piped to a storm drain or to a spot in the landscape where the water can flow out of a pipe without damaging the landscape. This type of drain is not effective if there is no slope to aid the drainage to a better location.

French Drain

With a French drain, water flows into a slightly sloped trench with a perforated pipe. The pipe diverts water away from the home to filter out into a gravel-lined ditch where the water can seep into the ground.

Dry Well

When storm water creates a gully on a regular basis because the water runs so quickly to the lowest point in the yard, a dry well might be your answer. The dry well is a large container that is buried in the yard at the point where the water collects. The water then drains into the dry well under the ground where it can seep into the ground unnoticed.

Catch Basin

A catch basin is a type of storm drain that runs along the curb of the street. Catching the runoff from multiple yards, the catch basin then empties the water into underground piping that takes the water to local waterways. This type of drain can be found in most any parking lot to control the storm runoff.

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Other Stormwater Strategies

Add plants to the places where stormwater collects. The roots from the plants can help to absorb the excess water, keeping the plants thriving and the water from creating a problem. Trees can break up the rainfall in the hardest hit areas of the landscape, and their roots absorb the extra water.

You could also consider permeable materials for walkways, paths, patios, and more. Gravel, permeable paving stones, and mulch can allow the water to seep through and drain away, with little to no landscape damage.

Another idea is a rain garden. The plants and soil layers are intended to filter the rainwater as it flows to the low spots.

If your Croton-on-Hudson, NY, property has storm drainage issues, consult a drainage company to protect the integrity, safety, and beauty of your home.