5 Important Signs You Need a Septic System Replacement in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

The maintenance of your septic system is vital to your Croton-on-Hudson, NY, home. If ongoing maintenance doesn’t occur, then what may seem like a small issue could turn into a severe problem that you’ll wish you had addressed sooner rather than later. You could end up with an unexpected need for a septic system replacement and, even worse, the larger expense of damage to your home as well as enhanced unpleasantness. Take note of these five signs that your home’s septic system could be an issue, and call in the professionals when you observe a problem.


Use your sense of smell inside and outside of your home for the tell-tale signal that your septic system needs to be inspected and possibly replaced. The smell of sewage or an odor of sulfur coming from your drains shouldn’t be ignored. These odors indicate that what should be trapped is held no longer, and some gas could be leaking through the confines of the system. A call to the septic experts would be a wise move at this stage.

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Diagnosing a plumbing problem by sound is a bit more difficult. Obvious knocking and other turbulence within your pipes definitely indicate a problem, and the issue could be of the septic variety. However, surety regarding the source can be difficult, so you should continue watching for other signs, and if they’re present, make an appointment with the experts for inspection and repair or replacement if needed.


A slow drain can be a sign of serious plumbing problems or a more simple matter of hair pooled in the drain area. If you have drainage issues without an obvious surface cause, blockages in your pipes or a clogged septic can be the issue. Whether you need your home’s pipes snaked, your septic pumped, or the system replaced, count on proven professionals to handle the dirty work that this job will surely be.

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Yard Changes

Not every sign that you need a septic replacement is unpleasant to the senses. Beautiful, bright, green grass in the area over your septic can be a sign that it should be inspected, repaired, or replaced because it’s no longer performing the capture and release function properly. An abundance of water, along with the fertilizing nature of waste, is creating prime conditions for your grass but do, in fact, indicate potential problems with the septic system. Don’t enjoy this seeming benefit and ignore the potential problems—once you let an issue go too long, the consequences can be devastating, expensive, and unforgettably disgusting.

Indoor Backflow

5 Important Signs You Need a Septic System Replacement in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

When you ignore the signs of septic failure for too long, the end result could be catastrophic. Backflow of sewage into your home, a yard awash with human waste, and an expensive repair followed by what could have been unnecessary home repairs will follow.

While the need for septic system repair will be evident at this point, it doesn’t have to get this far before you call in professionals. Maintenance, regular pumping, small repair, and even system replacement is less expensive and much more pleasant than a system failure that results in the worst case scenario. As a homeowner, do the responsible thing and pay attention when your home’s septic system speaks. Call in the professionals for appropriate care and repair before drastic measures ensue.