5 Indications That You Need Septic System Repair in Chappaqua, NY

Proper maintenance of a property’s septic system falls under the responsibility of homeownership, but it’s an ongoing one. Waiting for obvious signs of septic failure is a mistake. Not only will the consequences of repairing complete septic failure be costly in terms of the system, the damage to the home and grounds could be disastrous as well. As a homeowner, know the signs that septic system repair is needed for your home in Chappaqua, NY.

Vivid, Bright Green Grass

While pretty, a bright spot in an otherwise dull green lawn is evidence of your septic system’s location. The ground in this location receives extra water; however, the drain field may be underperforming if the water begins to stand or the grass grows even brighter than usual. When this spot turns vividly green or brown, you’ll need to look into whether a pipe has broken, the drain field has failed, or the septic system itself isn’t working. Before you have significant damage to your property, call in the professionals to evaluate the situation and resolve the problem.

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Septic Odors

The smell of septic gas is easily distinguished. Whether the sulfuric odor is experienced inside or outside of the home, its presence is a clear indication that the septic system requires remediation. Since identifying and repairing the problem is something best addressed by professionals, be sure to address it promptly. A septic problem will not resolve itself, and it will only get worse. Secure professional assistance to handle the septic situation in a prompt and effective fashion.

Slow Drainage

5 Indications That You Need Septic System Repair in Chappaqua, NY

When bathtubs and sinks stop draining promptly, the septic system should be at the top of the list of potential causes. If the problem lies with one unit, the issue could be a clogged pipe, and a drain snake used to remove hair or other buildup should dislodge any obstruction. When every drain has the issue, the problem is likely the septic system. A backup of sewage sludge into your home may be in your near future, so be sure to address the problem quickly.  

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Noisy Pipes and Toilets

Another indication that the septic system will require repair is noise coming from pipes or toilets. Knocking, clanging, and groaning when toilets flush and sinks drain should be startling sounds, and you will want to react accordingly. Schedule a visit from professionals as soon as possible to determine the cause and fix it before disaster strikes your home and causes severe disruption to your daily life. If your home’s drain system begins speaking to you, answer with a call to the experts!

Sewage Backup into the Home

Perhaps the ultimate consequence from septic system failure is actual backup of sewage into the home. This situation is a genuine health hazard, and the remedies are quite costly, time-consuming, and yucky—to say the least. Fortunately, this is usually an avoidable outcome; you should have your septic system regularly inspected and consult with septic system repair professionals to inspect and repair your septic system when less problematic issues occurs. After all, an observant and diligent homeowner is definitely a happier one.

Take care to observe the exterior and interior signs that your home’s septic system isn’t working properly. While every system should be pumped out every few years, timely maintenance and repair when problems begin will save you from outcomes that are exponentially more disastrous.