How a Stormwater Management Company Can Help You to Protect Your Bedford, NY, Landscape

Proper stormwater management is fast becoming a prerequisite for any Bedford, NY, home. Not only does it ensure the longevity of your landscape, proper stormwater drainage is a safety concern, especially if your property is situated on a gradient. A stormwater management company can be a godsend in this scenario, assessing the drainage characteristics of your property, and recommending and installing the ideal solution to suit your needs. 

Effective landscape drainage

In modern stormwater management, landscapes are an important part of helping to control excess water flow. They can provide a natural way of allowing water to re-assimilate into the soil, helping to keep the strain off stormwater drainage systems. Moreover, a landscape that shows characteristics of improper drainage and soil erosion can exacerbate the issue, causing mud and debris to accumulate in stormwater drains, compromising the safety of your property. 

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Custom solutions

How a Stormwater Management Company Can Help You to Protect Your Bedford, NY, Landscape

A stormwater management company starts off by assessing the drainage characteristics of your landscape design. Properties with a lot of impermeable hardscaping, variations in gradient and poor plant cover will generally have poor drainage and excessive stormwater runoff. Any areas of standing water more than 72 hours after a rainfall are typically associated with poor drainage. Soil characteristics can also play a role, making soil analysis important in some cases. Lastly, the depth of the groundwater is important in both ensuring adequate drainage, as well as designing and installing a solution that suits the property. 

French drains and curtain drains

A variety of drainage solutions can then be employed to alleviate the situation and protect your home from stormwater damage. For most homes, a simple drain installation can resolve the issue, providing adequate drainage for most scenarios. Popular stormwater drain solutions include french drains and curtain drains. With these types of drains, water is guided towards a trench, usually covered in gravel, that holds a drainage pipe inside. In some cases, the drainage pipe holds the water and lets it seep into the soil slowly through small perforations. Depending on the type of the drainage issue and the depth of the groundwater, your contractor may recommend a shallow curtain drain or deeper french drain. Excavation and grading are often a necessary part of drainage work, making it important to hire a renowned contractor with the relevant background. 

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Larger-scale solutions

For larger properties with drainage issues, more robust measures might have to be taken. One such drainage solution is a dry well which operates on similar principles as french drains. However, water is collected in a much larger, perforated tank which gradually lets water assimilate into the soil surrounding it. Finding the optimal placement is important to ensure a high level of drainage. Moreover, the larger tank generally requires more extensive excavation and adds to the complexity of the job. Catch basins operate on exactly the same principle and are usually covered by a grate. They usually have underground inlet pipes to route water from gutters on your property to the storage tank. 

Improper drainage is an increasingly relevant safety concern. Whether it’s a soggy basement or just standing water, the problem can become threatening to the integrity of your property during extreme weather scenarios. With a trusted stormwater management company, such as Santucci Construction Corp., you can rest assured that your property is safe from any such dangers.