Drainage Company's Tips for Better Yard Drainage in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Are you stuck with giant puddles in your yard every time it rains? You probably have drainage issues, and it could potentially cause damage to your home or property. It could also affect the resale value of your home if you are looking to sell or know you might in the future. Here are the options a drainage company will likely recommend as you look into fixing the drainage issues of your Briarcliff Manor, NY, home.

French Drains

Drainage Company's Tips for Better Yard Drainage in Briarcliff Manor, NY

A French drain is a tried-and-true method of diverting excess groundwater away from your home or other structures. It is one of the most popular ways to fix drainage issues and is based on ancient water redirection methods. Usually involving gravel or an in-ground pipe, it focuses the water into a singular stream that flows away from your home, to keep your foundation safe and dry, and prevent damage. Variations on the French drain include curtain drains and footing drains, all of which we can install for your property to ensure the next heavy rainfall doesn’t cost you big-time. Oftentimes, a retaining wall is recommended at the same time to further control potential erosion issues when rain occurs.

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Rain Gardens

One of the most nature-oriented ways to deal with drainage issues is to install a rain garden. A rain garden is a designated plot of space where water is redirected away from your home. It usually contains native plants or trees whose roots allow water to effectively seep into the ground where it is absorbed and distributed back into the groundwater system. Rain gardens alleviate the impact on the sewer systems and are a great offset to impermeable surfaces like poured concrete hardscapes. They’re also very attractive and have a natural appearance that adds natural beauty to your landscape. As an added bonus, rain gardens help sustain important habitats for nature’s animals and insects.

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If your drainage issue is so severe that neither of the above options will provide a solution, you may need to regrade your property. This strategy generally consists of assessing where your drainage issues lie, and usually adding a layer of earth that allows water to flow away from the home and eventually back into the groundwater system. Depending on your unique situation, regrading your property might be the most environmentally conscious solution to avoid erosion and improve your home’s ecology. It will prevent soil from running off into sewers, and stop unsightly puddles that can be breeding grounds for pests like mosquitos that can harbor disease.

Drainage issues are serious and can deteriorate the integrity and value of your property. If you have standing water or a flooding basement when it rains, inquire immediately about how we can help. Fixing the issue as soon as possible will stop you from having to fix costly damage to your foundation, your home’s interior, or your overall property. It can even be dangerous if your yard develops holes where loved ones could trip or where harmful insects could breed. Do not trust just anyone with the health of your home’s runoff systems—call us today and find out how our experience in the field can save you time and money.