Prevent Mold and Water Damage with the Help of a Stormwater Management Company in Tarrytown, NY

Water runoff can be devastating to your Tarrytown, NY, property by causing serious damage to the interior and exterior of your home. In as little as one storm, damage could be done that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Here’s how a stormwater management company can help you prevent this type of damage from happening to your home.

Eliminate Problem Areas

The first step to getting your home ready to withstand heavy rainfall is identifying problem areas around your property. We will look for areas where water runoff could accumulate and potentially cause long-lasting damage. Increasing water flow around your house can cause erosion of the areas that protect your home’s foundation. This can eventually lead to water entering your house, damaging your foundation, and causing issues with mold. This can also be a serious health issue as mold can cause severe health issues. Once we’ve identified potential problem areas around your property, we will fix them by leading the water away from your home—not into it.

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Green Hardscapes

Water damage and mold in basement.  Image for home renovation and house industry.

Your driveway and walkways can also contribute to water damage. Non-permeable surfaces like poured concrete exacerbate water runoff by preventing it from being absorbed back into the groundwater system. Instead, water that should be soaked up by the ground flows along channels around your house, eventually eroding the surface and making its way inside. Our company can fix these issues and install hardscapes that allow the rain to go where it belongs—back into the ground. Permeable pavers are porous enough that the water is absorbed through them and can be soaked up by things like tree roots. The other benefit of this solution is that the water does not accumulate pollutants as it does when making its way around your property. This keeps the water reservoirs purer and safer for the future.

Safe Landscapes

One quick way to tell if you have an issue with stormwater is if puddles form on your lawn or elsewhere on your property. This means the water is definitely not being safely channeled back into the ground. In the case of a serious rainstorm, stagnant water can easily turn into a serious flooding issue. Anything stored in your basement could be ruined, and mold could develop over time.

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There are a number of landscape solutions that we can offer that will channel rainwater away from your home and reduce your risk of mold and water damage. For example, if puddles are forming anywhere on your property, we can regrade the surface of your landscape to allow for better drainage. One option is the installation of a rain garden. This is a spot in your landscape where a stormwater management company will channel the accumulating water, typically with native trees or plants that soak up the water. It’s better to have this water in a rain garden than your basement.

No matter what your stormwater problem is, we can offer the solution. Being proactive about your stormwater issues can save you thousands of dollars in repair, prevent costly and dangerous health issues, and help to maintain the resale value of your home. You don’t want to cringe every time you hear rain in the forecast. Call us now and be worry-free during the next rainfall!