Septic Repair: How to Handle Septic Tank Flooding or Back Flooding

You’ve just discovered that your septic tank flooded—what to do next? Firstly, don’t start using the septic system immediately. Second, call a reliable professional for your septic repair needs. The risk of getting waste backing into your Chappaqua, NY, home is too much of a danger for you and your family to put off a call. Santucci Construction Corp. will inspect your property, determine the cause of flood and repair the damage, all while keeping you safe.

Reduce Water Use

Some homeowners feel tempted to start pumping the septic tank water into the ground after they notice flooding. Try to restrain from using this temporary solution, which can violate the state’s plumbing code. Pumping can also do greater damage to the property, causing floating out of the ground and pipe damage. But most importantly, that excess water is a health hazard to kids, pets, and even neighbors if it flows into a waterway.

Septic Repair: How to Handle Septic Tank Flooding or Back Flooding

So, after a flood, plug all drains, drastically reduce water use in the home, and see what can be done for a septic repair by a professional. Until the floodwaters recede and the soil dries out, you may need to use the septic system less. After the flood, it is not recommended to drink water until it’s been tested and approved as drinkable.

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Responsive Repairs

For homeowners dealing with a septic tank flood or suspecting that their septic tank is damaged, Santucci Construction Corp. will first makes sure to prevent the sewage from backing up to the home. Our team has been dealing with different causes of flooded septic tanks and sewage backups, and there can be many reasons behind septic system problems. We will recognize the cause of the issues by observing the water flow and quickly determine what to do next.

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Keep Kids and Pets Away

It is important to keep everyone safe during this time, especially if sewage has backed up outside the home. So, make sure pets and kids are not in touch with the contaminated area. Also, avoid driving heavy vehicles over the drain field. If you notice sewage getting into the house, which usually starts with a gurgling or a slow drain, contacts us to do the cleanup for you.

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Protect Your Septic System from Flooding

Flooding might come from heavy rains. But any situation that slows down the water flow from the house sewer system to the septic tank and finally, the drain field, might cause problems. It is possible for the water to back up into the home, and you might notice some warning signs, such as slow drains or improperly flushing toilets.

To prevent your septic system from flooding or back flooding, be sure that stormwater runoff is kept away from it and that a functioning septic system is maintained. Keeping the septic system in shape will prevent a disaster caused by heavy rains or flooding. A wise approach is to have the septic system inspected at least once a year. The drain field may need to be checked more often for odors or surfacing sewage, and the septic tank should be pumped regularly.