How to Save Water with Long-Term Septic Repair and Installation in Armonk, NY?

Water conservation is not only environmentally prudent, it also saves you money. With wastewater cycled by the thousands of gallons each year, you can imagine how much it adds up. That’s one reason you want the best septic system and maintenance for your Armonk, NY residence. As an added plus, here’s how you can save water with long-term septic repair and installation:

Why Bio-diffusers Help

The signs of septic system failure are fairly noticeable. Expect odors, gurgling noises from the plumbing, sewage that actually surfaces, and backups in the septic tank itself to name a few. All this can be avoided with long-term septic repair and installation using bio-diffusers which offer more volume capacity. They can replace both pipe and stone waste management drainage fields, and an 11-inch standard chamber can hold up to 68.7 gallons.

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Inspections Are Necessary

A professional septic repair and installation expert should be considered to inspect your septic tanks at least once per year. Overall, septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years, however, your on-hand septic contractor will be able to tell you if you need to pump less or more, based on their assessment. By consistently having your septic system pumped, new installations will be maintained, and you won’t have to repair as often. Waiting until there is a problem before having your system looked at and/or pumped can result in gallons of wasted water, and money down the drain.

Everyday Water-Saving Tactics

How to Save Water with Long-Term Septic Repair and Installation in Armonk, NY?  

You can preserve your septic system and save water in by making a few small changes to your daily routine. Take notice of your daily water-usage habits, such as keeping water running when doing dishes, brushing teeth, or the myriad of everyday functions we turn our faucets on for. Though it isn’t something we pay much attention to generally, hundreds of gallons could be saved annually, just by turning off faucets when use isn’t required. In the same vein, don’t delay in having leaky faucets fixed. Consistent drips add up, and are an unnecessary addition to your septic system’s regular flow. The more often water flows into the tank – from any source - the more work the septic system has to do. Being aware of your lawn irrigation schedule is another quick water saving option. The septic system will keep running as long as the irrigation is on. Limiting or opting for more efficient irrigation systems can save massive amounts of water and give the septic tank relief.

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Choose the Right Company

Long-term septic repair and installation are among our specialities at Santucci Construction Corp. With over 40 years of service to the Westchester County area, your septic system requirements are in good hands. When considering septic repair, installation, and maintenance options, be wary of contractors who charge without even stepping foot on your property. Santucci Construction Corp. is a licensed septic system contractor, with staff who is well-versed in Armonk’s safety standards and local codes.  All this ensures that you get the best value for money and the highest standard of septic services available for your project’s requirements.