How a Land Consulting Company Can Help You Transform Your Backyard in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Whether you are revamping your Croton-on-Hudson, NY, home’s backyard or starting one from scratch, you can maximize your return on investment by consulting with a land consulting company. Such companies provide expert advice to help you avoid pitfalls and make informed decisions about the design and construction of your backyard.

Unmatched Expertise

Perhaps the biggest advantage of integrating a land consultation company into your construction plans is the expert advice they have to offer regarding the design and construction that best matches your needs. Santucci Construction Corp. have a range of experts well-versed in the latest construction methods and practices. They will help establish the expectations you have from your backyard and suggest hardscaping and softscaping solutions accordingly. This can range from suggesting the ideal type of pool construction or patio that suits your property to more practical matters such as suggesting measures to take to improve the drainage. A lot of their advice also pertains to maximizing the return on investment for your landscape project. We can suggest certain landscape features, such as large trees, outdoor kitchen and paved stone patios and walkways which can offer a much larger return when it comes time to sell the house.

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How a Land Consulting Company Can Help You Transform Your Backyard in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Managing projects

Having finalized the design, a land consulting company can help you through the different stages of the project as well. This generally starts with allocating a budget and choosing the different construction options that balance your budget and requirements. These companies often double as landscape construction companies and play an active role in the installation and construction. Moreover, they have all the necessary contacts should you need specialized work that has to be outsourced.

Legal consultation

Backyard construction is often fraught with unexpected legal procedures. With their local expertise, land consulting companies offer an easy route to navigate the legal paperwork. This can range from getting the right permits from local governments to dealing with utility companies when excavation is involved. Moreover, they are also able to advise you regarding the best practices when it comes to dealing with your contractor. This can include helping you go through the contract, warranty terms, insurance status and certifications of the contractor, as well as any subcontractors they might be hiring.

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Especially in the scenario where you might want to expand your backyard by purchasing some additional land, a land consulting company can be a godsend. Not only can they help acquire the necessary property, but also help you with the paperwork to smooth out the sale process.

How to choose the right consulting company

Choosing the right land consulting company is a project in its own right. Ideally, choose a local company, as they will be easily approachable, well-versed with the local laws, regulations and market conditions. Choose a reputable company, such as Santucci Construction Corp., that has a good track record and a high level of customer satisfaction. Ask for references and talk to previous clients to ensure they follow what they claim in their marketing literature.

With all this expertise, advice and legal help, your backyard will not only be ideally designed to your needs, but the process will also be hassle free and maximize your return on investment.