Questions You Should Ask Before Your Septic Installation in Chappaqua, NY

If you are unfamiliar with the way a septic system will work for Chappaqua, NY, home, it is wise to ask questions before your septic installation. Here are some tips to help you know which questions to ask.

How Does a Septic System Work?

Questions You Should Ask Before Your Septic Installation in Chappaqua, NY

A septic system is an environmentally friendly way to rid your home of waste products and fluids from the showers, toilets, sinks, and washing machine. The waste exits through pipes that are buried under the yard and enters a big underground tank. The solids sink to the bottom, the fluid flows out to a drainage field to dissipate, and the scum floats at the top. 

How Often Is Maintenance Needed?

The frequency of having your septic tank pumped depends on several factors, such as how many people live in your home, how old your septic system is, how often you use the garbage disposal, and how many loads of laundry you wash per week. In general, most septic systems should be pumped every one to three years. 

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How Will You Know It Requires Service?

Your septic system most likely needs service when the drains begin to empty slowly, or when the toilet overflows after flushing, or when the drain gurgles as the washing machine empties. You might have a tree root that has grown into a drainpipe, your pipes could be clogged from waste you have disposed of through the drain, or any number of other factors. If you suspect that there are problems with your septic system, call a professional without delay. You don’t want those problems to develop into something costly and serious. 

What Shouldn’t Go Down the Drain?

You should never put grease down the drain as it can accumulate and clog up your pipes as it hardens. Other items you should not flush are baby wipes, cat litter, cigarette butts, and feminine products. Don’t flush or dispose of anything that you could put in the trashcan. 

How to Care for Your Septic System?

Your septic system is a living thing filled with beneficial microorganisms that break down the waste. When you pour bleach or any other chemical down the drain, it can disrupt the environment and cause it not to function properly. 

Consider installing water saving toilets and showers as that reduces the influx of fluids to the tank. Run the dishwasher only when it is full, and space out laundry over several days. Fix any leaking toilets immediately to reduce the amount of water that is flowing into the septic tank. 

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Using Experienced Professionals 

Since a septic system is a sizable investment, only choose a septic specialist with years of experience. Before any dirt is removed, you should understand the full solution and how it affects the long-term health of your property. 

Cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and a clear understanding of engineering means that you have found the professional who knows how to design the right system for your terrain. Consider installing a biodiffuser to replace a septic field. Biodiffusers can provide two and half times more volume capacity than a traditional drain field. 

Your local septic system professional has the solutions to your Chappaqua, NY, drainage needs, offering full service protection and well-informed choices.