What You Need to Know When Getting a Septic Tank Installation in Your Chappaqua, NY, Area Home

Whether you realize it or not, a septic tank is a critical part of your Chappaqua, NY, home. When it is installed correctly and works flawlessly, you will know it, but when it doesn’t work well, you will also know it. Here’s what you need to know about getting a septic tank installation. 

How a Septic Tank Works

What You Need to Know When Getting a Septic Tank Installation in Your Chappaqua, NY, Area Home

A septic tank is an airtight tank that provides wastewater and household waste disposal for areas that don’t have access to sewage systems. This septic system is quite environmentally friendly as it naturally filters waste and water. 

The septic tank is buried under the ground away from your home. Near the tank is a drain field where the water can seep out and back into the ground. As the water seeps from the tank pipes, which have small holes, it collects in the drain field where tiny impurities are naturally filtered through the dirt.

The waste that floats will rise to the top of the tank and the solids collect at the bottom. Naturally occurring microorganisms break down the waste in the septic tank to keep the contents in a correct balance. 

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What to Know When Having a Septic Tank Installed

First, you need to know that after the installation cost, you will generally not have any more costs for your septic system except routine pumping to clean out the solid waste. Experts generally recommend having the septic system pumped every two to three years unless there is a problem. 

Second, you need to be thoughtful about the waste that you put into your system as it has a direct impact on the successful functioning of your system. Don’t flush feminine products, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, cat litter, or baby wipes. Only flushing toilet paper can keep your system functioning at peak levels.

Third, using your washing machine several times in one day can overload your septic tank because it puts so much water into the tank. Try to space your laundry out over the week so that you are not stressing your septic system. The heavy use of bleach or any chemical can disrupt your septic system’s balance, so use such things sparingly. 

Fourth, don’t pour any type of grease down the sink as this can clog the pipes and cause your waste to back up into your home. 

Fifth, regularly inspect the drain field. If it feels mushy when there has been no rain, you could have a leak somewhere. If your waste is backing up into the toilets or bathtubs, you could have a clog in a pipe from accumulated waste or a tree root. If you notice that the area where the drain pipe is located is very lush and green, you could have a leak in the pipe. 

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A Must for Home Septic Tank Installations

The most important thing is to have your system installed by a septic company with integrity and experience. You want an installer with more than four decades of experience and  specialists who can provide skilled, responsible drainage, excavation, and septic system maintenance. A septic system that is installed properly and with attention to the surrounding areas will bring you years of consistent use.