How to Choose the Size of Your New Septic Tank in Armonk, NY

For the uninitiated, choosing the right components of a new septic system for a Armonk, NY, home can be confusing, especially when it involves making sure that the new septic tank size is sufficient for a particular property. Here are some tips on how to choose the correct septic tank size. 

What Is a Septic System?

How to Choose the Size of Your New Septic Tank in Armonk, NY

A septic system is an environmentally friendly way to remove the waste from your everyday home life. The water-tight holding tank is buried under the ground, away from your home, where it catches all of the waste, from any solids to all liquids. The solid waste then sinks to the bottom of the tank, the liquids drain from a pipe into a drain field where they can sink into the ground, and the scum floats on the surface of the tank. 

Many of the solids decompose with the help of beneficial bacteria, but sometimes the solids build up and the tank must be pumped to remove the solids to keep the septic system running smoothly. 

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Septic System Considerations

Several factors affect the size of tank you need to meet the needs of your family. First, the amount of water usage is critical. This includes water from showers, the washing machine, toilets, the dishwasher, and washing dishes in the sink, among other things. A home with many people living in it generates more wastewater than two people. 

Second, you should aim to have a septic tank that can hold at least two times the amount of wastewater you produce in a day. A tank that is too small can lead to expensive repairs and maintenance. 

Third, your property needs adequate space for your septic system to function properly. This means that it needs to be at the appropriate distance from your home and the drain field should be down hill to drain the fluids out of the tank. Once dispersed into the drain field, the fluids seep slowly back into the ground, where the soil filters any particles and the natural microbes in the ground do their job of cleaning the water.  

A last consideration is the requirements and codes for your county regarding septic system installation. 

A Septic System Professional Is Essential

Experienced septic system providers understand that the installation of a septic system is a crucial investment in your home and property. They will not finalize a suggestion of any tank or system size until a full inspection of the property has been done. 

An extensive knowledge of engineering and septic plans, aided by cutting-edge diagnostic technology, can bring about the information necessary to make the best choice for your needs. A strong concern for safety and compliance with the installation codes and municipal regulations can ensure that you experience no problems from start to finish of this home project. 

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Consider installing a biodiffuser, which can provide up to 2.5 times more volume capacity than a traditional septic drain field. The biodiffuser is ideal for smaller yards that have less space for a drain field as they require less space to diffuse the water into the ground.

A licensed septic system team can advise you on the right size system for your Armonk, NY, home, while providing one-to-one care and unparalleled investment in safety standards so that your system serves you well for years to come.