How to Prepare for Septic System Replacement in Tarrytown, NY

When you know your Tarrytown, NY, septic system is not working properly and most likely will need to be replaced, you’ll probably worry that this will be a big disruption to your everyday life for a while. Here are some ways to prepare for a septic system replacement to ensure a smooth process.

How Does a Septic System Work?

How to Prepare for Septic System Replacement in Tarrytown, NY

When you flush the toilet, wash the dishes, or take a shower, the water and waste must go somewhere. That somewhere is the septic tank. It collects the fluids, solids, and other waste produced in a household and provides a place for storage. 

The solid waste sinks to the bottom of the septic tank while the fluids drain off into a drain field that allows them to dissipate into the ground slowly. The scum, which is oils and grease, floats on the surface of the fluids. The septic system is a very environmentally friendly method of waste removal. 

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What Your Septic System Fails 

If you notice that your washing machine is gurgling when it drains or that your toilet seems to be backing up when flushed, you could have a septic system problem. When a pipe clogs with sludge from the grease and other things that are poured down the sink, that can cause a disruption of the flow of waste that has nowhere to go but backward.

Sometimes a tree root can grow into a septic pipe and cause a problem with the flow of waste since it can’t pass by the root. Another issue can be when the septic tank fills to a point of needing to be pumped and can no longer function correctly. Not only does it send the waste and fluids backwards, but the smell is terrible. 

How to Prepare for Replacing a Septic System 

Since a septic system is a major investment, you don’t want to trust just any service to replace your system. Don’t agree to any changes or digging until a full solution that makes you comfortable is presented. The main preparation for you as a homeowner is to find trustworthy professionals to complete the job.

A septic system contractor should have years of knowledge and experience with replacing systems. This can give you confidence that they will be there if you experience a problem, and that they have the equipment and resources to help you keep your system running smoothly for years to come.

Extensive knowledge of engineering and septic plans means that you can rely on them to evaluate your property for the ideal septic placement, and that they will ensure safety and compliance with local regulations for septic systems. 

An innovation to consider is installing a biodiffuser system to replace existing drain fields. Biodiffusers provide over twice the volume capacity of traditional septic fields. They are especially great for properties with limited space for a septic system. 

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You want a licensed team who can provide tailored and customized excavation, septic repair, sewer line installation, rock removal and consultation. After an extensive evaluation and diagnosis of your Tarrytown, NY, property, they will determine the installation strategy that will work best for your unique terrain. With personalized service and wide expertise, they can remedy your current septic problems and keep your new system working smoothly.