Which Trees Are Safe to Plant Near Your New Septic Tank in Armonk, NY?

Your investment in a septic system may have you paying attention to other areas of your Armonk, NY, property that need upgrading or refreshing. Bringing in trees to your landscape would be a wonderful way to make your home feel more like home, but which ones are safe to be near your new septic tank? You want to narrow your focus to trees that are known for having shallow roots and won’t interfere with your new septic system. We have a list of such tree options for you.

Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples are centerpiece trees that can provide an eye-catching focal point for your yard. This tree comes in many different varieties with a large assortment of leaf shape and colors that range from red to oranges and purples. Japanese maples tend to grow on the shorter side, ranging from 8 to 30 feet. This tree is perfect to plant near a new septic tank due to its roots growing near the surface—and safely away from your septic tank.


Dogwood trees are one of the quintessential flowering trees of spring. Unlike the Japanese Maple, there are only a few varieties to choose from, but they are still exceptionally beautiful. The Dogwood is another optimal tree to grow near a septic tank due to its small root size. This is comparable to its overall above-ground size, which ranges from only 10 to 25 feet. The Dogwoods beautiful flowers bloom from late March into mid-May, giving way to light green leaves in the summer months. As for the flowers, they are usually white although they do come in pink and red.

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Ornamental Cherry Tree

Which Trees Are Safe to Plant Near Your New Septic Tank in Armonk, NY?

Ornamental Cherry Trees are commonly known for the explosion of colorful flowers they bloom in the spring. They even produce small cherries during the summer. Unfortunately these fruits are too tart for our taste buds. On the plus side, these cherries do attract local wildlife visitors, including squirrels and various types of birds. This tree can reach 20 to 30 feet tall when it’s fully grown.

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud is a stunning flowering tree that produces a flurry of beautiful magenta bud flowers during early spring. After a few weeks of colorful flowers, this tree gives way to a summer of heart-shaped leaves. The Redbud also has a characteristic where the trunk divides close to the ground to produce an interesting shape of arched branches and a large crown. This tree is definitely not picky as it can grow in different regions, including yours.

White Oak

White Oaks are a large, long living breed that produces huge shaded areas across your yard. The way the roots grow allows this tree to safely live within range of a septic system. A remarkably hardy tree, the White Oak does not require much maintenance. If you want a tree that lasts, this could be the one. The White Oak also produces small acorns, so expect some furry visitors.

Canadian Hemlock

The Canadian Hemlock is an all-around excellent evergreen tree that offers ample shade and bright green foliage. Hinted in its name, this rugged evergreen can grow comfortably in the northern part of our continent. This tree grows in a pyramidal shape much like a typical Christmas tree.