Here's What a Septic System Repair Entails

If you have a septic system that handles wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal in your Croton-on-Hudson, NY, home, then you might be familiar with the unpleasant odors that enter your bathroom - especially when your septic tank hasn't been checked for a while and it needs to be repaired or even replaced. Like the following issues, this can be solved with the help of Santucci Construction’s specialized septic system repair and installation services.

Drain Field Issues

If you notice swampy areas in your backyard, this can mean there is a problem with the drain field. If the drain field fails, usually because the septic tank is not pumped often enough, this may be due to some form of blockage, but can also mean that it may be time to have the tank replaced.

There are two types of septic systems, aerobic (relies on oxygen-loving bacteria) and anaerobic (relies on oxygen-phobic bacteria). An anaerobic system is a simple system that includes a pipe that leads from the home to the tank and a branched pipe from the tank to the drain field. The presence of anaerobic bacteria in the system helps decompose the waste in the tank. The aerobic system involve a more complex installation and relies upon aerobic bacteria to break down waste in the tank. Anaerobic systems are therefore generally less expensive.

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Septic Tank Problems

Here's What a Septic System Repair Entails in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

If properly maintained, your septic system can last up to 20 years. However, after many years of use, it is common for the system to begin to fail, corrode, crack or leak. You might also have problems with sludge and other solids leaving the septic tank or too much grease entering the septic system. In some cases replacing a baffle will fix the problem, but in more severe cases, it might require a complete replacement of the tank. The replacement of the baffle, which prevents scum from building up in the pipes, can help save the tank. Part of tank maintenance is pumping the system every two to three years to remove solid waste. If the pump fails, it can be easily replaced.

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Pipe Replacement

The entire septic system is composed of a septic tank, septic drain field, and associated piping. Minor fixes like a broken pipe replacement or pipe cleaning are inexpensive and can be solved easily.

What to Expect from a Septic Service Provider?

Calling an expert team to check your septic tank and diagnose the problem is a smart move. Septic tank repair is absolutely necessary to avoid the health hazards associated with septic tank failure. To avoid this, report any change you might notice, including a slow septic system, water backups in the sink, or an over flooded septic tank.

A reputable expert, such as those employed by Santucci Construction Corp. will inspect your septic system thoroughly, find the problem, and offer a solution for its repair in accordance with county and state codes. They will check the performance of your drains, the state of your pipes, the consistency of your drain field, and the condition of your tank. The company will explain the issues and help you make the best decision for your home.

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Therefore, make sure you are hiring a trusted service provider such as Santucci Construction Corp. to install or repair damage to your septic system as an unpermitted or poorly installed system may cause you difficulties if you want to sell or insure your property.