How We Ensure Safety During Septic System Repair in Armonk

The inspection, diagnosis, and repair of residential septic systems are valuable services that protect families from health hazards and expensive septic system replacements. However, septic system repairs present various hazards to workers and others who get near the site. Potential dangers include cave-ins, methane gas explosions, and asphyxiation hazards.

Our comprehensive understanding of septic plans, and our arsenal of cutting edge technology, allow us to approach any project with confidence. However, it is our high regard for safety that truly ensures our success. These safety precautions not only protect our crew, but also protect our Armonk, NY, clients should they approach the site.

Keeping vehicles at bay

Employees should refrain from driving over septic systems, unless special protective provisions have been made. Vehicles and heavy machinery compress the ground and place great stress on submerged structures. Therefore, driving over the tank, drain field, or piping can cause damage that is expensive to repair. Driving a heavy vehicle over a septic system can also lead to an unexpected cave-in.

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Ensuring constant supervision

How We Ensure Safety During Septic System Repair in Armonk, NY

It is crucial that no employee is left near the septic tank alone. It is always useful to have a colleague nearby, for advice or assistance. However, this precaution is in place to ensure that, if an employee were to fall into the tank, they could quickly be retrieved. Employees are trained not to retrieve someone who has fallen into a septic tank without self-contained breathing apparatus, as these tanks may contain asphyxiating gases. If breathing equipment is unavailable, emergency services should be contacted and large fans should be placed around the tank to blow fresh air into the opening. Employees are also instructed not to lean over the opening to a septic tank, as an accumulation of fumes could cause them to lose consciousness and fall in.

Restricting fire hazards

Methane gas is produced by the decomposition of organic waste within septic tanks. This gas is highly flammable and can spark explosions with the slightest provocation. Smoking is prohibited near the site of a septic system repair and clients are strongly advised not to create fire hazards on the property.

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Ensuring proper ventilation

Due to the dangerous nature of gases produced in septic tanks, it is ensured that the entire repair site is well ventilated. These gases are not only flammable, but are also toxic and can cause fatal asphyxiation in concentrated amounts.

Identifying electrical hazards

Septic system repairs regularly involve excavation. However, the electrical wires that are buried underground in some areas pose a major hazard to unsuspecting workers. Striking an electrical wire will not only damage it, but can also result in severe electrical shock and burns. Therefore, employees ascertain the locations of concealed electrical wires beforehand, and are cautious when digging to avoid any unexpected injuries.

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Keeping the tank shut

In order to protect children and unsuspecting visitors, the septic tank should be kept shut when possible. A sturdy lid should be used, and its location should be clearly marked. To keep children safe, this cover should not be easy to move.

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