How You Can Improve Your Montrose Landscape with Professional Rock Excavation

If you’re facing the prospect of transforming the landscape of a rocky property, you may encounter problems with construction that are not obvious until they occur. With a professional experienced in rock excavation and removal in Montrose, NY, every issue can be addressed before it delays or ends your landscaping project.

Building a Lawn

If your yard is a rock pile, you might lament that you’ll never be able to enjoy the lush, green lawn of your dreams. However, with professional rock excavation and removal, you can create just such a lawn. Removing rocks, raking for a clean top layer, and bringing in a thick layer of topsoil will allow your ideal lawn to be laid.

Resolving the Grade

Fixing grade problems in a rocky area requires specialized heavy equipment, as well as real knowledge and expertise in the field. Depending on the level of work required for the property in question, the work can be quite challenging. Make sure that the contractor chosen is up to the job and has all the necessary insurance and license coverages before embarking on the project. Santucci Construction Corp offers knowledge and expertise, and is fully licensed and insured.

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Excavation for Construction

When landscaping your property, excavation will be needed for all sorts of modifications to proceed without delay. For irrigation, fencing, hardscape construction, and even planting, rocks will need to be removed and special equipment brought in for construction. Again, if you make sure to identify a contractor who is able to meet the demands of the job, you will have a much easier time with construction, not to mention an absence of unforeseen costs.

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Rock Reuse or Removal

How You Can Improve Your Landscape with Professional Rock Excavation in Montrose, NY

Once the rocks have been moved from the yard of your property, they will not simply disappear. Depending on the type of stone, lining ditches, reinforcing walls, lining planting beds, or creating a rock garden are all valid options, but should you and your contractor determine that none are appropriate, the rocks will have to be removed from the property. This step will require the heavy transportation and lifting services that are offered by Santucci Construction Corp.


Finally, to create softscapes and plant shrubs and trees with large root systems on rocky property, you will need to remove rocks. Proper water, nutrition, and drainage related to the root structure will ensure that the plantings continue to thrive. Professional rock excavation will ensure that your landscaping contractor has no issue once the landscape design reaches the point of planting trees. Whether the contractor uses an auger or jackhammer to break up the rock, the hole must be sufficiently large for the tree’s planting, and with professionals addressing the situation, you can be sure that the job is done well.

As you attempt to transform a rocky yard, be aware of the potential problems that may lie ahead, hire a skilled professional, and take advantage of the rocks that you have on your property as a resource while re-designing your landscape.

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