Why Septic System Repair and Replacement Is So Important in Westchester County

Why Septic System Repair and Replacement is so Important in Westchester County, NY

Despite their importance, septic systems can often be a neglected part of home maintenance. If you haven’t had the septic system of your Westchester County, NY, property checked for a while, or if you are starting to experience unpleasant smells entering your home, it might be time to call a professional for a routine check. Here is why regular septic system repair and replacement is essential:

Maintain a Healthy Living Environment

The most crucial purpose of safe disposal of sewage is to prevent the spreading of disease. If your septic system fails, even without you being aware, your household wastewater is released into the environment, posing a significant risk to personal and public health. Not only is there a risk of contamination in the case of someone coming into direct contact with the untreated wastewater, there is also the possibility that the water will contaminate natural groundwater supply and sources of drinking water. This can potentially compromise the health of your family, community, and the environment.

The first step to avoiding these problems down the road is to make sure that your septic system is installed correctly. If you have been experiencing problems with your septic system, contact a professional, such as Santucci Construction Corp. to inspect and evaluate the system for issues.

Signs of septic system damage include raw sewage backup into your toilet or drains, bad odors, slow drainage, or signs of contamination of your drinking water, as well as a flooded leach field. The leach field is the area of your property designed to house the septic tank. This specifically engineered component prevents contamination and overflowing. A soggy or flooded leach field is a sign that your septic system needs repairs, and in more extreme cases, replacement.

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Save Money

Another reason prompt septic system repairs are important is because of the financial costs of physical damage. Regular maintenance will not only prevent your septic system from failing but keep it in great shape for around 20 years, without the need for replacement. Improper maintenance is a common cause of septic system failure and while routine pumping and inspection is a minor expense, the installation of a new septic system will incur much higher cost, not only for the system itself, but in repairing damage to property as well.

The septic system is a complex system that contains different parts that are dependent upon each other. If one part fails, the other components are likely to struggle with keeping up with the required workload. That is why a small repair such as changing your septic pump is crucial for the functionality of the entire system.

By maintaining your septic system, you are also maintaining the economic health of your community. Properties that have a failed or no septic system show an obvious decline in value.

Always Hire a Professional for Septic Repair and Replacement

There are many reasons to hire a professional to take care of your septic tank repairs and replacement. An expert team has the necessary knowledge for installing a new septic system or finding the exact cause of an issue. Santucci Construction Corp. is trained and certified to safely carry out the necessary maintenance and replacement while keeping you and your family free from liability and health concerns.

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