Septic Tank Repair: 4 Causes of Septic Tank Odor

If your Pleasantville, NY home is running on a septic system, you may be wondering when you’ll need to call in for septic tank repair services. Anything from slow drains to pooling water can indicate an issue with your septic system. But one of the most noticeable signs of septic problems is a foul odor coming from your drains, septic tank, or leach field.

What Do Septic Tank Odors Mean?

Septic Tank Repair: 4 Causes of Septic Tank Odor in Pleasantville, NY

When your septic tank is working properly, you probably don’t think about it very much. But when something is wrong, it can turn into a serious and costly problem. Sometimes when septic problems occur, gases can escape instead of being contained by a properly functioning system. These gases can contain carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and methane, which can be both toxic and combustible. That’s why it’s important to recognize septic odors and call in a professional before any problem gets worse.

Causes of Septic Odors Inside Your Home

Not only are septic odors in the home unpleasant, they may also mean you need septic tank repairs or maintenance. One of the most common causes of septic tank odors is a tank that is too full. This can be the result of a faulty pump, or after years of use, the tank may need to be drained.

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If you notice a sewage-like smell around drains, it could be a result of a dry floor drain trap. If the drain is clogged or dried out, gasses can vent back into the home. Or the cleanout access plug in the drain could be loose and allowing gasses to leak out.

Another common cause of septic odors in the home is a blocked plumbing vent on the roof. A roof vent helps to release pressure in the drain pipes as wastewater moves through. A blockage means gas can’t vent and it comes back into the home.

Causes of Odors Near the Septic Tank

While a slight smell around the septic tank is not cause for alarm, a strong sewage odor usually indicates a problem. The tank manhole cover could be loose and causing the offensive odor. Manhole covers can be made of concrete, plastic, or metal and have a rubber seal to keep odors from escaping. If the seal is failing or the fasteners have come loose, the manhole cover will not contain odors as it should. Either of these issues will require septic tank repair.

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Causes of Septic Odors Near the Leach Field

If you notice odors around the drain field of your septic system, it indicates a problem that should be inspected. There are two main areas of concern when it comes to the leach field. There could be a break in the pipes or roots may have grown into the septic system and are causing a blockage. Either of these issues can result in sewage leaking into the ground, which is a serious health hazard. If a visual inspection of the area shows wet and soggy ground, then the problem is likely quite serious, and you should call a licensed professional immediately.

Causes of Septic Odors Outside the House

If you’re noticing an all-over or wafting sewage smell outside your home, this can mean the plumbing vent pipe is not long enough. Extending the vent pipe will help ensure that odors are carried away from the house. If you live in a low-lying or heavily trafficked area, there may not be enough wind to carry fumes away. Adding a charcoal filter can help reduce odors.