What Could Go Wrong With Septic Tank Repair and How to Avoid It in Chappaqua, NY

What Could Go Wrong With Septic Tank Repair and How to Avoid It in Chappaqua, NY

If your Chappaqua, NY, septic system is not functioning the way it once was, you could have any number of problems, including a problematic septic tank repair. Here are some of the things that can go wrong and ways you can prevent future problems.

How a Septic System Works

Your septic system works to remove all of the waste from your home—from shower water to toilet flushes to washing machine water. All of the waste flows through the exit pipes into your septic tank to separate into the effluent (liquid), solid, and scum. 

Once the waste is in the tank, the fluids flow out of a pipe that allows the water to filter back into the ground, removing any harmful products before it seeps back into the water table. This is an excellent and environmentally sound filtering system that works with nature to clean the water. 

The solids sink to the bottom of the tank while the scum, which can be grease, fats, and oils, float on the top. This all occurs while healthy bacteria and microorganisms break down the waste. 

Possible Septic Tank Repair Problems

  • Flushing the wrong things: A septic system is not designed to accommodate cigarette butts, coffee grounds, feminine products, or diapers, to name a few. When these products are flushed into the tank, they can cause clogging and other problems because the microorganisms cannot decompose them.

  • Blocked lines: At times the pipes can become clogged from grease or other items that get stuck and reduce the flow through the pipes and into the tank. 

  • Chemicals: Your septic tank is not designed to support strong cleaning chemicals or fluids like paint thinner. Too much bleach or other chemicals can cause the beneficial bacteria to die, which in turn causes the environment of your tank to decline. 

  • Tree roots: Tree roots naturally seek a water source, and that can be a leak in your septic pipe. Once the root breaches the cracked pipe, it can grow into the pipe and block the flow of waste to the tank.

  • Tank leak: If the grass over the drain field or septic tank area is lush and green while the rest of the grass is growing in an ordinary way, you could have a tank leak that is allowing the wastewater to seep out of the wrong area. Once again, this can disrupt the flow of waste and water into the tank as well as the functioning of the bacteria to break down the waste.

  • Compacted soil: If your leach bed is in an area where cars are parked or where it receives a lot of foot traffic, the soil can become compacted in a way that it no longer absorbs and filters the wastewater for your system. 

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Preventing Septic Problems

The best way to prevent problems with your septic system and to keep it healthy and thriving is to place it in the hands of your local septic experts. With over 40 years of experience in septic system installation and drainage solutions, we have the comprehensive skill set and knowledge base required to keep your system running at peak performance. 

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