3 Tips From a Stormwater Management Company for Preventing Basement Flooding at Your Croton-on-the-Hudson, NY, Home

If you know that every time it rains, your Croton-on-the-Hudson, NY, basement will flood, perhaps it is time to seek the help of a stormwater management company. The experts there have tips and solutions to prevent basement flooding from damaging your home.

Understand Potential Problems from Basement Flooding

3 Tips From a Stormwater Management Company for Preventing Basement Flooding at Your Croton-on-the-Hudson, NY, Home

If you think the flooding issue will resolve itself, think again. Moisture in the basement is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus that can grow like wildfire in the damp conditions of a wet basement. It is not contained to the basement either as these organisms can infiltrate the air of the air conditioning and heating systems to become part of the air you breathe. 

Mold: Mold is a fungus that can cause serious health issues. This fuzzy, multi-colored organism can grow in the carpeting, drywall, wooden joists, and baseboards to release tiny spores into the air. Breathing these spores can cause respiratory illnesses that linger, headaches, and other problems that can damage your health and reduce your quality of life. 

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Pests: Pests such as mice, cockroaches, and snakes can thrive in the moist conditions of your wet basement. The dark, damp conditions can become the perfect undetected home for these pests. 

Mites: Dust mites can also thrive in the moist atmosphere of a wet basement. They can cause breathing issues, coughing, itchy eyes, and stuffy noses. 

Know Why Your Basement Floods

There can be many reasons why your basement floods but several are common. 

Improper site preparation: When your home was built, it is possible that the site was not graded correctly, resulting in standing water around the foundation and in areas of your yard. Improper grading can have a long-term effect on your home’s integrity by causing damage to the foundation and walls. This water runoff can lead to erosion in your landscape and around your home. 

Improper sealing of the walls: When the walls of your home are not sealed properly, the water can seep in to cause problems with the sheetrock and wood within the frame. Not only can this cause damage to the structure of your home, but the wood and sheetrock hold the moisture, which can be a breeding ground for the bacteria and mold.

Incorrect drainage systems: If the drainage systems that were installed during the construction of your home are not working correctly, this can add to the basement flooding problem. Downspouts that drain close to the foundation instead of away from the home can contribute to the water issues. Gutters that have not been installed correctly or have not been kept cleared out will not drain the water away from your roof but will instead allow the water to pour over the sides to spill into your landscape near the home. 

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Get to Know How a Stormwater Management Company Can Help

Your stormwater management company has over 40 years of experience with correcting drainage issues to bring integrity back to the structure of your home. Our extensive diagnostic experience means that we can present a solution for your wet basement without unnecessary expense or excavation. 

Our comprehensive services include French drains that surround the foundation to remove water, dry wells and catch basins for water that stands in your lawn, and grading solutions to remove the constant threat of flooding. We have the answers you need to correct the drainage problems in your Croton-on-the-Hudson, NY, landscape.