Repair or Replacement for your Pleasantville Septic System?

Repair or Replacement for your Pleasantville, NY, Septic System?

Sewage is backing up into your home, your property is filled with a foul odor, and you’ve concluded that there is something wrong with your septic system. Whether your faulty equipment will require a quick fix or complete replacement depends upon the severity and duration of the problem. It is essential to determine exactly what needs to be done, as replacing your entire septic system will have far greater implications on your landscape and budget than repairing a broken pipe. Read on to determine whether your Pleasantville, NY, septic system requires repairs or replacement.

When to Repair

Certain issues relating to septic systems can be resolved fairly easily. For example, a broken pipe may be the culprit behind the standing water between your tank and drain field. If so, it can be resolved with a simple repair that will put you a few hundred dollars out of pocket.

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An aerobic treatment unit aerates the septic tank to facilitate the faster decomposition of waste. If neglected, the unit’s beneficial bacteria can die off and will need time to bounce back naturally. Use your septic system sparingly for a few weeks to allow for growth in the population of bacteria.

Finding puddles, and other tell-tale signs of septic system failure, could indicate a need for either replacement or repair. This will depend on how old your system is, how quickly you notice and address the fault, and how severe the damage is. Clogged or gurgling drains and foul odors are also indications that you should have your septic system inspected as soon as possible. Having your tank pumped will create a window of time in which to identify problems and potential solutions. You should also ensure that any backflow of sewage into the home is thoroughly cleaned to prevent illness, and that areas of soil saturated with standing water are closed off.

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When to Replace

Through regular maintenance, you can keep your septic system in good condition. However, decades of wear and tear will take their toll on the system and it will eventually need to be replaced. If you find that your septic system needs to be pumped more frequently, you should consider investing in a replacement.

Drain field failures are often caused by the insufficient pumping and maintenance of septic systems. Layers of dirt grow thick and leave little space for wastewater to pool while grease and solids separate. These materials then clog the drain field and cause water to seep out to the surface. Your drain field may also fail due to the inevitable accumulation of beneficial microbes in the soil that impede the flow of water. Failing drain fields are often difficult to repair, as the damage is often too severe by the time it becomes noticeable.

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When the groundwater is contaminated with nitrates and bacteria, it often indicates the presence of a severe problem that most likely requires replacement of the septic system.

Don’t hesitate to call on a company that offers drainage services, should you have a concern regarding your septic system. Professional inspection will be required to ascertain whether your septic system is in need of repair or replacement.