4 Reasons to Invest in Land Consulting When Purchasing a Property in Pleasantville, NY

A real estate agent can help you find a property and negotiate a sale. But they can’t explain the challenges and benefits of the property from a legal or business viewpoint. If you’re purchasing a property in Pleasantville, NY, land consulting services will give you the guidance you need to make an educated decision.  

What is Land Consulting?

A successful real estate purchase involves many different factors. Some are obvious, such as getting the best price and the location of your property. But there are also many hidden risks that can’t be identified without the proper tools or knowledge.

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A land consultant is a licensed expert who knows the local real estate market, as well as construction laws and guidelines. They can provide surveying information including lot boundaries, right of way, property elevation and drainage patterns.
A land consultant can also create maps and plans for architects, landscape designers or urban planners to use during the design and construction process.

4 Reasons to Invest in Land Consulting When Purchasing a Property in Pleasantville, NY  

Land Consulting Can Save You Money

While there is an initial cost to purchase land consulting services, this cost is far outweighed by the savings gained by identifying problems in advance.
Knowing what a property’s individual assets are worth will help ensure you pay a fair price. A land consultant understands a property’s history and can also identify potential profit opportunities.  

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Land consulting can identify hidden liabilities such as zoning issues and other possible construction problems. A land consultant can also help you understand which issues have to be fixed, as well as those that can’t be corrected.

A Land Consultant Can Assist with the Sales Process

A major real estate purchase comes with a lot of paperwork. From financial papers to permits, there is an endless amount of forms, applications and other documentation that must be filled out. Missing even one detail can delay the process significantly.
A land consultant can assist with applying for permits and registration papers, ensuring the process goes smoothly. Santucci Construction Corp. has over 40 years of building experience to help guide you through the entire process.

Land Consulting Can Help Determine Return on Investment

When investing in a property or construction project, the goal is to make back your money. If you don’t know all the variables, it’s difficult to know if you will receive a high return on your investment. A land consultant can analyze a property or project and point out the pros and cons.
Land consulting can cover all aspects of a project, from start to finish. From identifying fees to negotiating the final sale, a land consultant can help. They can also compare the outcome of various renovation projects to determine which will provide the most value. Using these variables, land consulting services will help build a property that has a higher resale value.

Land Consultants Are Problem Solvers

Just because you run into problems, doesn’t mean you have to abandon your purchase or project. Land consulting services not only identify potential issues, they also help come up with solutions to these problems.
When faced with a challenge, your land consultant will use problem-solving strategies to find a solution to help save your project. Issues with site selection, land assembly, or site drainage have solutions when you have all the necessary information. The combination of knowledge, experience and a vast network of professional resources can help provide a workaround to many common property development problems.