Why You Should Consider a Company that Specializes in Drainage for your Hawthorne Landscape

Why you should consider a Company that Specializes in Drainage for your Hawthorne, NY, Landscape

Improper drainage will cause a bunch of issues for your Hawthorne, NY, residence. Often, landscape contractors whose specialties lie in other areas don’t pay all that much attention to the overall drainage and irrigation of the landscape. Whether your landscape requires an inspection of the drainage system or proper system maintenance and care, always select a company that specializes in drainage and drainage systems. Here's why:

Higher Level of Expertise

The one-size-fits-all approach unfortunately does not extend to drainage systems. Many times, landscaping companies offer only basic drainage services, which, while helpful, are not a substitute for specialized expertise. Complex drainage problems require an extensive level of experience and expertise. Hiring a company that specializes in drainage means having access to a team that has been in the field for years if not decades. Santucci Construction Corp. pays close attention to your needs and carefully assesses your property to find the source of the issue and track all of the problems associated with it. No matter how complicated the issue is, Santucci Construction Corp. will find a suitable solution and, most importantly, offer the skills necessary to take proper care of it.

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Landscaping companies that offer a variety of services often fail to provide the needed expertise because their staff lacks more in depth knowledge of the area. An effective drainage system is necessary to prevent your backyard and home from flooding. This will require a proper plan and grading to ensure effectiveness. Hiring a company that specializes in drainage ensures that your drainage needs are taken care of effectively.


Drainage problems are very unpredictable. You’ll therefore need a company whose team is readily available in case of an emergency. Companies that offer a range of home maintenance services may not be able to fulfill this obligation as a matter of emergency. By selecting a company that does not specialize in drainage, you risk low quality work for a higher price or a short-term solution that will lead to serious problems down the line. Instead, enlist the services of a company that takes great pride in staying abreast of all the latest products, installation methods, and construction techniques related to drainage.

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License and Insurance in the Specific Field

Santucci Construction Corp. is fully licensed and insured in dealing with all things drainage. This will save you from headaches connected to various legal and property damage issues that can arise from getting work done by a company without the necessary licensing and certifications. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your property is in the right hands.

Proper Equipment

Santucci Construction Corp. not only offers the best and most extensive array of drainage services, we also have full access to the equipment necessary to make each job a success. There are many issues whose solving requires specific heavy equipment and proper knowledge of utilizing the same. Our team is fully licensed in operating any necessary vehicles and equipment needed to solve your drainage issues.

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