How a Stormwater Management Company Can Help You in NY

You would be surprised to know that your Sleepy Hollow, NY, landscape can actually be an active agent in mitigating damage from stormwater runoff. With the right design and planning, your landscape can make effective use of stormwater for more environmentally responsible solutions to surface water runoff.

Why Stormwater Management is Essential

How a Stormwater Management Company can help you in Sleepy Hollow NY

So what exactly is the problem with stormwater? It all starts with our urban infrastructure, where roads, roofs, walkways and driveways prevent water from being assimilated into the ground. As a result, rain water flows along the surface of the ground causing erosion and picking up contaminants along the way. In addition to straining public storm drainage systems and increasing the potential for flooding, this can also result in a higher quantity of pollutants in the water of reservoirs and natural water systems that can cause significant health issues if they reach the drinking water supply. Moreover, since less rainwater is being integrated into the groundwater supply, the water table is not replenished and can become quite low over time.

Managing the Issue

So how can this problem be managed? For an area with high precipitation such as New York, it means integrating stormwater management early into the design of your landscape to ensure that not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible. This can be done with the help of a professional stormwater management company. However, prevention is not always possible, particularly in older houses. Therefore a stormwater management company, such as Santucci Construction, will be needed in order to intervene with current or recurring issues.

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At the very start of the designing phase, it is important to create a gradient that will encourage rainwater to flow away from the house and prevent it from accumulating in puddles. Grading is an integral part of stormwater control and is the first step to routing water to drainage solutions for more effective dispersal. With the Santucci Construction Land Consulting program, you can ensure that your new design is suited to handling drainage demands. If your home’s grading is already an issue, Santucci Construction can help to rectify the issue with our unmatched excavation skills and specialized knowledge.


Alongside site grading, trench drains can also be integrated into the design of your landscape to provide a more effective method to route water. Trenches can not only hold water and let it gradually assimilate into the ground, but can be coupled with in-ground drainage pipes. These porous drainage pipes contain a storage capacity to hold excess water and gradually let it drain into the soil, filtering through the subsoil layers and becoming part of the groundwater supply. Let Santucci Construction take care of the drainage requirements of your home for peace of mind.

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Permeable Paving

Next, consider having permeable pavers installed instead of traditional concrete pavers. These pavers have all the favorable characteristics of traditional interlocking pavers such as easy installation and high durability while also being porous to allow water to gradually drain through. This means that what was once an impermeable driveway is now porous and allows water to drain through rather than just run off.

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