The Types of Systems Our Drainage Company Can Install for Properties in Tarrytown, NY

If you have a gulley that floods your property every time it rains or water that collects around the base of your Tarrytown, NY, home, you could benefit from having a drain installed to eliminate those water problems. If you are unsure of the type of drain that will remove the water from specific areas, trust a professional to show you exactly what you need.

Surface Drainage Systems

The Types of Systems Our Drainage Company Can Install for Properties in Tarrytown, NY

Surface drainage systems are ditches that are shallow and collect the water to divert it to a more convenient area. The ditches can lead to a main drain or storm drain that removes the water. Surface drains are essential especially to flat properties since there is no slope to help the water move away from your house and landscape. Useful around homes, driveways, and any structures on your property that could be damaged from standing water, a surface drain could be considered the simplest way to get rid of excess water.

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Sub-Surface Drains

A sub-surface drain is placed below a layer of soil so that the roots of plants and grasses don’t rot in the standing water. The French drain is a common type of sub-surface drain for keeping the water from damaging the foundation of your home. A deep and continuous ditch surrounds your home or any area of the landscape where water does not naturally drain. Within the ditch is a layer of rocks on which a pipe with holes is placed. More rocks cover the pipe to keep sediment and debris out so that the water can drain into it. Finally, the entire drain is covered with soil on which you can plant grass and shrubs. This way, when it rains, the water no longer pools but drains into the ground, into the drain, and is carried away to a storm drain or a better drainage location.

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A drywell is an excellent drain for the part of the landscape where all of the water runs to during a rainstorm. Think about your landscape and where the places are that water collects and stands, even after the rain has ended and the sun comes out. If standing water is causing your grass or other plant life to die, a drywell could solve that problem. 

The drywell is buried in the area where the water collects to hold the water while it allows the water to seep into the soil. This type of drain works best when you have soil that can accommodate the water but not in areas where the soil is particularly hard and dense. 

Catch Basin

A catch basin is similar to a drywell in that it is a box that is buried in the landscape where the water stands. Covered by a grate on the top, the water collects in the box, which is connected to a pipe that leads the water to a storm drain or alternative release location. Periodically, the grate needs to be moved to clean the debris at the bottom of the basin. 

When you have a water problem in your Tarrytown, NY, landscape, you want a company that understands how proper drainage and water management throughout a property can protect the integrity, safety, and beauty of a home. Look for an experienced drainage specialist who can bring the most cost-effective and quickest path ahead for a healthy, balanced home drainage system.