How Excavation Contractors Can Remove Rocks to Make Way for Yard Additions in Pleasantville, NY

Every time you think about that one section of your yard that could be used as a play area for the kids or as a perfect spot for a pretty pergola, you remember that there are large rocks and roots that would make any project difficult. An excavation contractor can help you remove those rocks to make way for the perfect addition to your Pleasantville, NY, yard.

Removing Those Rocks Safely

How Excavation Contractors Can Remove Rocks to Make Way for Yard Additions in Pleasantville, NY

Almost any terrain needs to have the rocks removed before structures or landscaping can be placed there. Sometimes the rocks are huge and must be removed using heavy equipment.

When searching for an excavation contractor, look for an excavation company that has an excellent reputation and record of safety when removing rocks from properties. Just removing rocks is not enough, though. You want a company that can remove rocks with exact precision using a hydraulic rock hammer. Combined with a state-of-the-art underground camera system, this type of hammer allows for exact rock removal to accommodate whatever use you have for that part of your property. 

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You likely don’t want to remove too much rock because that may affect the strength of the foundation for any structure that is placed there. You only want the problematic rocks to be removed, the ones that stop you from fully using your landscape to its potential. 

Another critical aspect of rock removal is to make sure that the company you choose is licensed and fully insured so that you are not left holding a large bill for an unexpected accident during the removal of the rocks. Ultimately, you want a company that is focused on your long-term safety and happiness with the space that remains once the rocks are gone. 

What to Do with That Rock-Free Space

Not only can an expert excavation company help with the rock removal, but it can also ensure that the terrain drains properly. Once that is done, you can plant the garden you have always dreamed of in the new space. Filled with bright, fresh vegetables and complementary flowers, this previously problematic spot can become your own patch of joy.

Or perhaps you have always wanted a play area for your children but there has not been space. Now you can add a full play set with swings and slides. With access to a safe, kid-friendly ground cover like mulch or rubber, your children will have a place to play with their friends until they are exhausted.

Maybe you would love to have a personal putting green where you can practice your putt to your heart’s content. With a shady pergola or covered pavilion nearby, you can relax after putting practice and enjoy that special part of the yard. 

An outdoor kitchen is always a welcome addition to the yard since it allows you to visit with guests while grilling your favorite foods. Stock your kitchen with all of the essentials for eating outdoors and keeping your favorite drinks cool for the duration of the barbeque. 

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An experienced, reliable excavation contractor understands the nuances of the land and can conduct safe rock removal for your Pleasantville, NY, property. You can rest assured that your outdoor space will be ready for any plans you have.