How to Know If You Need a New Septic Tank for Your Tarrytown, NY, Home

Replacing a septic tank is not usually on the list of home improvements that you want to make, but if your Tarrytown, NY, toilets keep overflowing and the sink is continually backed up, you might have no choice. Here are some indicators that you need a new septic tank.

Overflows and Backups

How to Know If You Need a New Septic Tank for Your Tarrytown, NY, Home

Sinks that overflow during normal activities such as washing dishes means that there could be a problem with the drainage of waste water in your system. This could be a build-up in the pipe, a blockage from tree roots that have grown into the pipe, or a serious problem with the tank itself. Likewise, there is nothing pretty about a toilet backing up and overflowing with the waste you were trying to flush away.

If washing clothes results in gurgling noises as the water drains, this is likely a septic problem. Worse, if the water backs up in the machine and flows onto the floor, you probably have an immediate septic issue that needs attention. 

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Stinky Smells

A correctly functioning septic system should have no noticeable odors. The waste and water should flush easily to flow into the tank. If you smell odors that are rank and remind you of sewage, then you could have a problem with the septic tank. You might smell those yucky odors outside near the tank or they could filter up through the pipes. Either way, you should not smell any odors coming from the septic system.

Green Grass

Normally, green grass is a landscape feature that you want, but bright green patches of grass near or over the septic tank could indicate a leak. The system is designed to eliminate waste water but that should only happen once the water is in the tank. Bright patches of tall grass can mean that your tank is leaking the waste water into the ground through cracks instead of directing the water to the drain field for dispersing back into the ground. 

Your System Is Old

A septic system should typically last 20-25 years and if you know your system is that old or more, it could be time for a replacement. However, the efficiency with which a septic system works depends on the size of your household, the amount of usage, and how well a system has been maintained. 

If your home is an older home that you recently purchased, you likely have no idea of how the previous owners maintained the septic system. Systems need regular pumping every one to three years, but when frequent pumping of the tank is normal for you, it is most likely time to install a new tank. 

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Schedule an Inspection

When you search for a septic professional to help you with your problems, you need someone who has extensive experience in septic repair, installation, and maintenance. Make sure that you find a company that will do a thorough inspection and agrees on a solution before moving forward with repairs. Your septic system professionals should have a knowledge of engineering and septic plans combined with cutting-edge diagnostic technology to give you the most long-lasting solution.

Consider installing a biodiffuser system to replace the traditional drain field, providing 2.5 times more volume capacity than traditional septic fields. Your septic system professional can provide expert guidance as you consider how to remedy those septic problems in your Tarrytown, NY, home.