How to Decide If You Need Septic Tank Repair in Chappaqua, NY

Your septic tank is very likely out of sight, and out of mind. When everything is working just right, you do not have to consider the care needs of your septic system at all. But like everything else in your home, your septic tank does require attention and maintenance from time to time. Don’t worry, we can help you decide if it is time for repair on your septic tank at your Chappaqua, NY, property. Consider these situations and see if it is time for you to call a professional.

Slow Drains and Backed-Up Pipes

How to Decide If You Need Septic Tank Repair in Chappaqua, NY

Does your bathroom sink hold water long after you have washed your hands or brushed your teeth? Or worse, does it look like old water is coming back up and into your tubs and drains? If you find this happening, septic tank damage is probably to blame. Don’t try to live with slow drains that keep filling up; find out what is going on by getting your septic system inspected for cracks, leaks, and backed-up tanks.

Pretty Green Grass

Have you noticed a particularly pretty patch of green grass in your yard? If it is near your septic tank, that could be an indication of a leak or crack in your system. Alternatively, a brown patch of grass in the area could also be a sign of leaks, and should sound off figurative alarm bells in your mind that there may be a problem. Also look for pools of water in your backyard near where your septic tank should be for a telltale sign that your system needs maintenance.

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Stinky Smells

Does your backyard smell like a portable toilet at a music festival? Do friends and neighbors come by and wrinkle their noses at an odor in the air? Stinky smells in your home or backyard could definitely be an indication that something is amiss with your septic system. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away either; your stinky situation will likely only get worse, which leads to our next and final clue that you may need septic tank repair.

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Actual Sewage Spilling Into Your Home

The stuff of nightmares for some, and a surefire way to tell you are in need of septic tank repair, is when actual sewage is spilling into your home. Potentially expensive, and definitely smelly and unsanitary, this is a situation no homeowner wants to find themselves in. However, by paying attention to other signs, and getting your septic tank repaired as soon as you notice them, septic tank spillage will hopefully never be a reality for you. Regular inspections can also avoid having to be put in this situation of uncertainty. Do not ignore the signs that your septic tank is in disrepair; call a trusted professional today and make your septic system one less worry.

Septic tanks fail for many reasons. Your tank could have a crack, the earth could have shifted since its installation, or it could simply have reached maturity in its life. The severity of the problem will determine what solution is necessary, whether it is a quick fix or the need for a new septic tank is what’s needed. In the meantime, the issues your home is experiencing could get worse, so it’s best to call in for an inspection quickly.