How Hiring a Drainage Company Can Help You Avoid a Major Septic Emergency and Save You Money in Chappaqua, NY

The combination of a wet season and a yard lacking proper drainage can lead to property damage. In addition to erosion and root damage to vegetation, the septic system of your home may not be able to function appropriately. Preventing water from saturating the drain field is how a drainage company can help you avoid a major septic emergency and save you money in Chappaqua, NY.

The Drainage/Septic Connection

How Hiring a Drainage Company Can Help You Avoid a Major Septic Emergency and Save You Money in Chappaqua, NY

Understanding why problems occur with a septic system when the landscape doesn’t drain appropriately follows a general understanding of how the septic system itself functions. Solid waste is broken down within the septic tank while liquid waste is released through the drain field. When the soil around the drain field becomes saturated, drainage can’t continue, leading to backups within the home or septic overflow onto the surface of your yard. Alternatively, when the drain field remains dry, the septic system can continue to function appropriately given regular inspection and upkeep.

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Typical Drainage Solutions

Landscapes with appropriate drainage are designed not to encounter the kind of septic problems associated with flooded drain fields. The water will flow away from the area when rains come. A drainage company provides professional knowledge and solutions to drainage problems with methods that will work for your specific landscape. For your particular drainage issues, consult with a drainage company to find the right solution.

Grading Adjustments

As time passes, adjustments to grading may need to be made. If your drain field has settled in a low spot that holds water, modifying the landscape slightly to allow for downhill flow of excess water can protect your septic system from a consistently saturated drain field. Making sure that the septic system can continue to release liquid waste will protect your property from severe damage.

French Drain

A French drain provides another option to resolve drain problems. The general concept includes a drain system made from a perforated pipe that is held within gravel and covered by filtering to prevent debris from flowing through. The French drain will force the standing water in your yard to a drain, keeping the septic system’s drain field from remaining saturated.

Dry Well

A drainage solution that works on-site is a dry well. The drainage setup will include a storage well installed underground where the water will leech out slowly back into the groundwater.

Corrugated Plastic Tubing

If your drainage issue stems from one particular downspout, the drainage company may choose to install corrugated plastic tubing to resolve the problem.

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Proactive Steps to Prevent Overflow

While you may not be able to control the amount of rain your yard receives, you can limit the amount of water used and what solids are flushed. Excess water use can inhibit the performance of your drain field, and when solids other than human waste are flushed, they can’t be broken down. As they take up more space within the septic tank, liquid waste will overflow. Taking shorter showers, spacing out laundry, and being careful not to flush anything other than what’s intended to be flushed are just a few things that you can do to prevent an overflow of liquid stemming from the septic system.