4 Tips for Septic Drain Field Replacement in Chappaqua, NY

Imagine this: you have found your perfect dream home in Chappaqua, NY --gorgeous trees, an open grassy field, a paved, winding drive! As you begin the process of buying the house, your realtor tells you that the septic drain field might need to be replaced. This is one area in which you have no experience…a septic system.  All of your previous homes were connected to the city system, but you are confident that this is the home for you! And that could require replacing the septic drain field! Fortunately, Santucci Construction Corp. has septic system answers for you!

How does a septic system function?

Because septic systems are designed to drain water and waste from your home, the higher the elevation, the better the drainage.  A septic system works best when it drains into a lower leach bed (or drain field), allowing the water to be siphoned away. Sometimes household use can overload the system and it does not have time dry out, causing a bacterial mat to form on the pipe walls which prevents water from  seeping out. Too much water sitting in the septic tank can cause the solids to be flushed out into the leach bed where they block the drainage. So how can you remedy this?

Tip #1

4 Tips for Septic Drain Field Replacement in Chappaqua, NY  

The soil in the leach bed is actually a giant filter, sifting waste from the water as it travels through the various chambers. This is called “percolating”. Often gravel is added to the leach bed to improve the filtering process, and to allow the water to diffuse into the ground more quickly. Sometimes the soil can get clogged with solids, keeping the water from dispersing. Never flush kitty litter, cigarette butts or cooking grease down any drain. Oil and grease solidify over time and can hinder the free flow of liquid waste.

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Tip #2

The location of the septic system is central to proper drainage. Do not plant trees, large shrubs or any plants which develops large roots nearby, as these can interfere with septic function and clog up the passage of waste. While a septic system can withstand people walking over it, or the weight of a lawn tractor, never pave or drive cars across the leach bed, as this can damage the septic tank and leach bed.

Tip #3

Because naturally beneficial bacteria and microbes break down the waste in your septic system, avoid using any harsh soaps or cleaning solutions that will end up in the septic tank. Additionally, pumping the septic tank periodically, usually every 3-5 years, removes sludge and extends the life of your system.  If you hear gurgling noises coming from your drain, or water is slow to drain, or you see wet spots in the yard when there has been no rain, you most likely have a septic problem.

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Tip #4

If you have water backing up in your drains, or you smell the odor of sewage outside, don’t delay in seeking help.  You need a professional to diagnose the problem and offer the right, long-term solution.

Family-owned Santucci Construction Corp. can help with any of your septic system needs. Experts in drainage, septic system installation and maintenance, and excavation for more than forty years, Santucci Construction’s innovative specialists focus on helping clients achieve functional and pleasing results. Contact Santucci Construction Corp. for an estimate today!