Prepare Your Landscape for a Swimming Pool with Rock Excavation in Croton-on-Hudson

A swimming pool will transform your Croton-on-Hudson, NY, backyard into a summer haven. A pool creates a great place for family and friends to gather and enjoy hot summer days. But a swimming pool installation is also a big job that requires a lot of planning and preparation. Understanding what’s involved in the process will help you prepare your landscape for rock excavation.


You probably have an idea of how you want your new backyard to look, but there could be factors in your landscape that will affect the size and location of your pool. That’s why you should start with a professional pool designer and experienced excavation contractors. Your pool designer and excavator will work together to ensure that your project is successful.

During the planning stage, it's important to confirm that your budget is in line with your vision. It’s a good idea to have a little room in your budget for hidden complications. Discuss what happens when buried obstacles are uncovered and how that will affect overall cost. Being prepared will save you from headaches in the long run.

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A construction project that requires rock excavation will also require building permits. In some locations, permits can take months to obtain. It’s important to have the necessary permits in place before construction begins, so be sure to apply in advance. Your contractor can help you with this stage if you’re unsure of where to begin, and may be able to expedite the process as well.

Prepare the Area

The area will need to be cleared before any work can begin. Furniture and any plants you want to save should be stored safely away with the help of the work team. The excavation crew will remove any stumps, boulders and structures before the big equipment can start working. The excavator will also have a plan for removing the extra soil. There will be a lot of dirt to deal with and it will need somewhere to go.

Santucci Construction Corp. have the technology to detect underground systems before digging begins. By working with your design and construction plans, we can identify potential problems and make informed decisions to ensure the success of your excavation project.

Heavy Machinery

Prepare Your Landscape for a Swimming Pool with Rock Excavation in Croton-on-Hudson NY

A pool installation is a big job that requires a lot of space. Your yard will be filled with workers and machinery and a lot of dirt. To get all the equipment and heavy machinery onto your property will require some planning.

Not all homes have easily accessible backyards, so it may take some work in advance to create a large enough access point.


When most people think of excavation, they think of removing large amounts of dirt. But an excavation contractor does a lot more than just digging holes. They are also responsible for tasks such as site preparation, drainage systems, trenching and grading. A successful excavation project requires thorough knowledge of local soil conditions, as well as a sound understanding of engineering plans.

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Rock Removal

Encountering rocks is a common complication of land excavation. Santucci Construction has the necessary knowledge, experience and equipment to handle these unexpected obstacles. Using a high-end underground camera system, we can assess and locate rocks accurately. Our 4,000-pound hydraulic rock hammer enables us to remove almost any size or kind of rock. The combination of technology and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to perform precision work that will make your pool installation easier.