Get Your Septic System Ready for Fall Showers with Septic Tank Installation in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

As fall comes around, it can bring with it lots of rain and a host of septic system related issues. If your Croton-on-Hudson, NY, property hasn’t had maintenance for this area of your home in awhile, you could be at risk for everything from clogged sinks, to backed up drains, and more. So, how do you prevent a waterlog disaster? Get your septic system ready for fall showers, with a septic installation.

Start with an Inquiry

Before jumping into a new septic system installation or replacement, a professional septic repair expert should first inspect your property to determine the best way to move forward. This will allow the expert to come to a solution that is best for you and your existing property. Your expert should also be well-versed in the legal requirements and municipal regulations for septic system installation and repair, including meeting the safety compliance requirements of the Westchester County Department of Health.

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Why a Septic System?

A newly installed septic tank made of concrete, plastic, or steel will become your new septic system. Maintenance should be done by professional repair and installation experts in this field at least once a year. The fact is, when you have your septic system taken care of, it will quite literally take care of you, as systems like this last up to 30 years. The environmentally conscious love septic systems, as they don’t use chemicals to pump or treat wastewater. Additionally, they don’t use up energy that would be required for this task either. This puts them ahead of the curve in front of sewer systems, as they are considered more eco-friendly.  

Just because they are hardwearing however, doesn’t mean that you can flush everything you like down the drain. Part of septic system maintenance begins in the home. Avoid flushing or washing items like coffee grounds, cotton swabs, oils, and cat litter down your drains, as this could result in unsightly—and smelly—back-ups and clogs. Suddenly the black and gray water that’s supposed to pass freely and filter out to the drain field is unable to do so and professionals will need to be called in to fix the problem outside of your maintenance schedule.

It’s important to keep in mind when the system was last checked or pumped. To keep things flowing the way they should, your septic system should be pumped every three years.

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Experts Get the Job Done Right

Get Your Septic System Ready for Fall Showers with Septic Tank Installation in Croton-on-Hudson, NY  

At Santucci Construction Corp., we are proud to offer you the highest standard of long-term septic repair and installation. We are knowledgeable in septic plans and engineering, and we also utilize the latest diagnostic technology, so your project is always in good hands.

One technological advancement we offer is the biodiffuser system, which replaces your existing septic field. We recommend these systems for properties that have less septic area in particular. They are a great investment because they allow for 2.5 times more capacity than the usual septic field.