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Hydraulic Rock Removal

Rocky areas can prevent you from utilizing and landscaping your property to the fullest. For existing homes, rocks may prevent you from having a beautiful lawn, deck or pool. For homes that being planned, rocks need to be removed from the land plot so that construction can begin.

Whether you already have a home or are in the process of building a home, Santucci Construction Corp. is here for all of your rock removal needs. There are many ways to go about removing rock from property, including blasting, drilling, ripping and breaking. Santucci Construction Corp. uses the latter, which is the safest, most effective, and most environmentally responsible method. Using a hydraulic hammer that is fitted to an excavator the breaking method can remove almost all rock types, minimizing hammer-induced scars and fractures while creating a slope face that appears to be naturally weathered.

Of course, rock removal gets messy, and Santucci Construction Corp. would never want to leave you with the clean up. That’s why the staff at Santucci Construction Corp. promises to leave the construction site in better condition than they found it.

If your home or land needs rocks removed, Santucci Construction Corp. has it under control. Call today at (914) 930-4968.

Santucci Construction Corp. services Westchester, Putnam, Briarcliff Manor, Bedford, and Katonah counties.